Why are Apple Computers the Best

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Apple brand in computers has shot to the number one mark because of many reasons. Here are some factors explaining why Apple computers are the best.

Factors Explaining Apple Computers’ Features

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  • Observe any iphone user and you will find him using a Mac book or an ipad. The reason behind this is that all the apple products work seamlessly with each other. Dieter reviewed an Android Wear 2.0 with an iPhone and found that the latter was better. Google has been trying to inculcate all the iphone features into the watch and the result has got very messy. 
  • Apple has some weird marketing strategies waiting right now. As the sales diminish, the company has announced that it would be next extracting some more revenue from the apple iphone users. Apple music and iphone accessory market have come up with some great features which would be better than everyone else.
  • When Sean O’ Kane reviewed the new Doppler labs hear one wireless ear buds, he found the effect remarkable and much better than air pods. But he also said that the device had major frustrating Bluetooth issues. This is just an example as to how apple has always proven to have an edge above the others.  
  • Apple has always used some very simplified pairing and management APIs in all its devices and its Air Pods and Apple W1 products work much better on an iOs platform. So even if you want to use some wireless headphones with your Apple products, you have to buy Apple only. If you are a fan of the Doppler Labs and you have found a device which works as good as an Apple W1, you still have to face those annoying Bluetooth issues. Apple’s interface as of now is not open to inserting chips from other devices.
  • Earlier, it was possible by Doppler Labs to ship a custom driver for windows or Mac, but the iOs allows none of this. It’s very tough for other headphone manufactures to compete with Apple and to come up with Bluetooth devices that work as good as its custom W1 Bluetooth device.
A desktop computer monitor sitting on top of a desk
  • No other gadget can fit into Apple’s iMessage interface and hence if you are an apple iphone user and wish to buy a smart watch, then the Apple Watch is the only option for you. Though fitbit has better fitness tracking and notifications than an Apple Watch, the company is not showing any keen interest in entering the smart watch market. Fitbit might stay for a limited time period but Apple is sure to last. 
  • Apple has since long maintained its sales graph by selling the same number of phones every year. The only alternative to increasing revenue could be through increasing the sales of its high-margin services and accessories. Apple holds an advantage in that forte and will do nothing but the best in making the best headphones and watches so that none get an advantage over it. 
  • While everyone keeps trying, till date none have come up with devices or gadgets that can pair with Apples’ ecosystem walls. For an iphone user, all the other devices are useless if they can’t pair with Apple’s iOs. The company is in no mood as of now to let other companies’ gadgets to pair with its interface. Though there are tons of Bluetooth devices in the market with a better audio quality or better battery but if iOs doesn’t support it then…yeah.
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