What Is The Meaning of Hybrid Computer?

What Is A Hybrid Computer?

A hybrid computer is one which gives you both analog as well as the digital features. You can use them primarily for research and scientific purposes. The analog part here takes care of things like differential equations, whereas the digital part takes care of logical operations acting as a controller.

When you compare them to your regular PCs, they have the upper hand in many factors. Let us discuss some of them.

Hybrid Computer: Speed

A hybrid computer’s analog subsystem provides an all-parallel configuration because of which they have incredible computing speeds. An example of such an application is flight simulation where there is heavy use of analog systems. However, Analog Systems are not found to be a hundred percent accurate. If you use a hybrid computer for the same task, it will save you a lot of computing time.

What Is A Hybrid Computer?
What Is A Hybrid Computer?

Hybrid Computer: Precision

When compared to older technologies, a hybrid computer gives you immaculate precision and accuracy. It is possible because of the potent combination of Analog and Digital systems in a Hybrid Computer. The digital component helps to generate the seed values quickly, and the analog part helps in the accuracy of the results.

When you compare the particular computation time of an analog system or digital system to that of a hybrid system, the hybrid computer always takes lesser time. One application area where the speed and precision of the hybrid computers are essential is weather system computation. A lot more applications which need accurate real-time calculations find heavy use for hybrid machines.

On-Line Data Processing

Many a time, people who undergo medical procedures like cardiac catheterization have to wait for their test results for quite some time after the process. You can overcome this hurdle by using hybrid computers to analyze real-time data of the procedure to make it available to the doctor almost immediately. It can indeed save a lot of lives.

The cost and minimal understanding of hybrid computers make this technology, a not so viable option at the moment. But as technology advances and hybrid computer technology becomes more prevalent, you can expect a lot more problems like these to vanish in thin air.

You can find three different types of hybrid computers

Large Electronic Hybrid Computers

What Is A Hybrid Computer?
What Is A Hybrid Computer?
  • These were in existence mostly during the ’60s to the ’80s. You can notice that they were primarily composed of operational amplifiers. Operational amplifiers can solve massive datasets of differential equations with ease. Some application areas were exothermal chemical reaction kinetics and the human immunosuppressive system.

General-Purpose Hybrid Computers

  • These are hybrid computers capable of solving a variety of problems. You can also find articles on the internet, describing them as purpose machines. You can either used it for high-speed operational purposes or use it as a hybrid computer with lower speeds.

Special-Purpose Hybrid Computers

  • These hybrid computers allow very less to no adjustments. You can program it for a particular application. You can usually use them as a system simulator, analyzer, or a controller in a physical system that is already built.

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