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Computer security is primarily the act of protecting and preventing computer-related attacks from unauthorized parties. As part of an information security approach, computer security includes physical perimeter protection (e.g., firewall, intrusion detection/security system (IDS/SECS), secure virtual private network (VPN), etc.) along with applications that help in prevention (e.g., anti-virus software, etc.). The primary objective of security is to prevent unauthorized access and/or destruction or compromise of data.

An Overview

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A computer security student video contest is a perfect venue for educating students on IT security issues. Students will have the unique opportunity to demonstrate their IT skills by presenting an original case study on one of the most challenging IT security cases they have ever worked on. In the case study, students are given two very simple tasks to complete within a set amount of time – the first task is to research and analyze a computer security threat and the second task is to test and develop a countermeasure to defend the system. The student must demonstrate that they have indeed successfully completed both tasks within a specific time period.

There are several ways you can participate in a computer security awareness video contest. You can participate in the competition in one of three ways: by emailing the competition organizers; via the Ubatuba emailing system; or attending the annual contest. If you are sending an email to the competition organizers, it is important that you include your contact information as well as a brief description of the case study and what you plan to do with it after winning the case study. Please be sure to indicate that you are interested in pursuing a degree in Information Technology Security (ITSP) with a focus on Computer Security. You should also indicate that you are a current or recent graduate of a four year college or university that specializes in Computer Security Awareness.

Video Conferencing For Computer Security Students

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It is important to make sure that you complete all of the steps necessary to be entered in the annual contest. You must make sure that your study includes all of the coursework required for passing the contest. Also, the student video contest will require that your work is original and on topic. It is highly likely that if you have won a previous computer security awareness contest, you will not be allowed to participate this year.

To be entered in the computer security awareness video contest, you need to send an e-mail to the competition organizers confirming your eligibility and providing your full name, address, and a short overview of the case study. You will also need to include a short bio with a link to your website and a contact telephone number. Be sure to include a scanned copy of your driver’s license or a copy of another form of identification such as a passport. Please be aware that the student newspaper will not be providing you with copies of these documents. The judges will be able to verify your identity.

Once you are entered into the annual contest, you will receive an electronic notification containing all of the details necessary to start the research process. The notification will also contain links to the website where the winning videos will be posted. You will need to follow the instructions provided in the notification carefully. The links to the website will lead you to instructions describing how to register, create an account, and upload the videos.

In The End

At the end of the academic year, students will have the opportunity to purchase the top-performing video software. All students that successfully installed the winning software will receive a free promotional Computer Security Consultant (CS Consultant). The complimentary consultations are provided to reinforce the importance and effectiveness of securing a computer. Your computer security expertise will increase and you will be viewed as an expert in the computer security field by potential employers.

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