Touch Screen Laptop Computers: Top Computers For 2020

Touch Screen Laptop Computers

Previously, the touch screen laptop computers used to be luxury items. With the emergence of lots of options in the market, it has become a not-so luxury but a necessary element. Now, you have many brands and many models to choose from when it comes to touch screen laptop computers. And you can get these laptops at almost any price range. Sometimes, you may want to go for the premium-quality touch screen laptops for better touch-sensitivity and other specifications.

You can be a student who wants to learn various things all the time, or you can be a professional who requires a good touchscreen laptop. But you might be confused about which brand and model will suit your needs well:

Top Touch Screen Laptop Computers
Touch Screen Laptop Computers: Top Computers For 2020

Touch Screen Laptop Computers: HP Spectre x360 13

Looking for a flexible laptop that gives a great performance in every category? Then the HP Spectre x360 13 is the one you want to get. Perfectionists, professionals, and those who are in for a great touch screen laptop computers should get this one.

Though it is a 2019 model, still, the Spectre x360 13 wins the perfect score for all of the attributes. With the amazing “gem-cut” design, great battery life, and an awesome keyboard, x360 13 is great for use. You can also use the laptop as a tablet and provide you with a little of everything.

Google Pixelbook Go

You can do almost everything with the powerful and versatile Chromebook. This Chromebook is going to last longer, so, for students and professionals, it is a treasure. Those who are comfortable with Chrome OS, or with any OS, this Pixelbook Go is perfect for them.

You may wonder whether Chromebooks lack the right amount of storage or not. With the 2-in-1 Pixelbook Go, Google has compromised. It actually offers more space and power to be more versatile than the streamlined Chromebooks. Though it has a 13.3-inch display, you can upgrade it from the full HD to the 4K. It enables you to have a broad choice in the processors ranging from 8-16GB storage. However, the SSD size range is between 64-25GB.

Touch Screen Laptop Computers: Microsoft Surface Pro 7

For the 2-in-1 purpose, the Microsoft Surface is just perfect. Those are mobile professionals and want to get a Windows 10 tablet; they will love the Surface Pro 7. For its excellent 2-in-1 facility, the Surface Pro line is always a high-end option for many. And now the Surface Pro 7 adds many of the long-required features to the line, making it ready for today’s working world.

The Pro 7 comes with its 12.3-inch UHD touch screen and other processor choices. For the latest performance, it offers up to i7 10th-gen Intel chip. The SSD storage can go up to 1 TB while you can have up to 16GB of RAM.

Touch Screen Laptop Computers For 2020
Touch Screen Laptop Computers: Top Computers For 2020

Dell Inspiron 14 7000

Wondering, why you should get this laptop? It is a solid laptop and extremely affordable than ever. If you are gearing for a touchscreen laptop on a budget yet want a quality product, then Dell Inspiron 14 7000 is the one.

The Dell Inspiron 14 7000 is a 14-inch model that offers a larger screen than others. The model is lightweight and great for those who want to save some money. It comes with an Intel Core i5 processor along with 6GB RAM. Of course, the upgrade to some of these specifications is available too, but you have to pay extra for that. When it comes to the laptop storage, it can go up to 1TB and that too without much difference in price. The Dell Inspiron 7000 includes SD card slot, USB-A 3.0, and HDMI in a good position. So, you get a strong yet lightweight design at an affordable price.

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