Top List Of Gaming Desktop Computer

Desktop Computer for Gaming

Gamer or not, a gaming computer is every tech geek’s dream. There is no commercially available computer as powerful and capable as a premium range gaming computer. However, there is a whole array of gaming computers that are available in the market. Selecting the best one depends on numerous factors, the price being one of the most important ones. Moreover, based on personal requirements, the configuration can be selected for the best performance. Whatever be your need, let’s check out the best desktop computer for gaming available at present. 

Desktop Computer For Gaming In Every Budget

No matter your technical requirements and budget preference, here is a list of the best gaming computers in 2020. Check out the detailed configurations and choose the one that will best suit your every need. 

Best Desktop Computer For Gaming
Best Desktop Computer For Gaming

Alienware Aurora R10

Alienware remains at the top of the list when it comes to gaming laptops and desktops. And, the Aurora R10 is perfect for taking care of all your advanced gaming needs. The computer is VR ready. You have the options of selecting from AMD Ryzen 5, 7, or 9, or 9th Gen Intel Core i5, i7, or i9 processor. Of course, you will have to decide depending upon your budget. My personal preference is Ryzen, though the Intel series is packing some serious power with the latest models in terms of gaming performance. The desktop can support RAM up to 64GB and comes with graphics card up to Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti. The storage capacity can be chosen up to 2TB. 

If you are a hardcore PC gamer, this beast is just meant for you. Of course, the budget can get a little steep if you go for the best configuration possible; however, the versatility makes it affordable for a wide range of gamers. Moreover, upgrading the system is no trouble at all. Alienware sure does live up to its promise of delivering the best! 

CyberPowerPC Gamer Extreme VR

Do you need a powerful gaming system that does not go overboard with the looks and will come at an affordable rate? The CyberPowerPC gamer Extreme VR is just the one for you. Powered by the Intel Core i5-8500 and fitted with the Nvidia GTX 1660, this system will handle all major games with ease. You will even get an incredibly smooth VR gaming experience. 8GB RAM takes care of the demanding performance, and 1TB HDD will take care of your space requirement for large games. The only drawback is the bulky size. However, it does what it’s meant to be, even though it might not look really sleek and sexy! If you want a decent gaming PC without having to shell out a fortune, this one is it! 

Premium Desktop Computer For Gaming
Premium Desktop Computer For Gaming

Dell G5 Gaming Desktop 5090

If you want superior performance without going overboard with your budget, trust Dell to come up with the best configuration you can get. The G5 can support up to 9th Gen Intel Core i7 9700 processor and up to 64 GB RAM. You can also add graphics card up to Nvidia RTX 2080. You get up to 1TB SSD along with 2TB HDD. The PC is also VR ready, so you will be able to get the full VR gaming experience. With the entry-level model starting with the i3 processor, along with Nvidia GTX 1650, this one will easily fit into the pocket of any gaming PC lover. The machine is reliable and ready to give you a great gaming experience, even if you are going with the entry-level model. Of course, with all the upgrade options available, you will be able to amp this one up quite a few notches to get the best gaming experience you can now on any PC. The only issue you will probably face is with the QHD or UHD games, but that’s a different level altogether! 

You will find numerous gaming PCs in the market. However, these are the best ones I came across that does justice to the price and will not bomb your budget. Even then, remember, for a complete gaming experience, you will also need to get the best monitor and gamepad available. So, get your gaming gears set today! 

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