Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

Top 50 electronic gadgets. We are in that world. In this world, if we may correct our own statement. We live in a world that’s vastly being changed by technology and we’re constantly hastening to keep up with it as its constantly on sprint-mode towards innovation.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

After all, that’s why it emerged in the first place when it did. Mankind has been trying to make life convenient and through the use of electronic gadgets and more, it has.

Cleaning can be done with automation through the right equipment. Work is faster and more efficient through the use of computers. Entertainment through gaming and various toys are now on a whole other level. There’s so much that technology has introduced for comfortable yet exciting daily living.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets: A Peek Into Energy Consumption Efficiency

We’re all for technological advancements. Heck, we wouldn’t be having our phones and computers, and other electronic devices that make us simply sit on the couch and chill if it weren’t for these revolutionary inventions.

Tasks and working on those tasks with many conveniences have become a plug away from completion. And with time to spare to check on your messages, emails, and social media notifications.

That being said, these advancements require electricity. The obvious “but” you already knew we were about to present. It’s safe to say that at one point or another, we’re not exactly mindful of how much electricity we’re consuming. More importantly, how much we’re wasting.

Here are a few tips on how to conserve energy and perhaps lower your bill by a Foot.

First, pull back those curtains and let the light in, Batman (No shots made to the DC hero, we love him!). The sun, in its radius of 432,459 miles and a diameter of 864,938 miles, it’s bright enough to travel through space and reach Earth at a distance of 93,000,000 miles.

Let it be the source of luminance in your home, for crying out loud! Or for not-crying-out-loud. More like a… a nudge. Try not to turn on your fluorescent ceiling bulbs too early in the day. Use them only when it gets dark out.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

Second, in the heat of summer, don’t wholly rely on your air conditioner. Alternate it with a ceiling fan. That, and open your windows to let the breeze in. We understand that summer makes your room a frying pan. However, alternating utilization of the said equipment will reduce your electric bill cost in the long run.

Sidenote: regularly let your A.C. be serviced. When it isn’t, it uses up more electricity than it should.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets: More Energy Consumption Saving-Tips

Third, still, on the topic of warm to almost-skin-burning weather, window installations are a good solution. In an earlier paragraph, we’ve mentioned how simply letting natural light in… is helpful. Another one is to use equipment such as blinds.

They allow light to enter while acting as a block against the full force of the summer heat. Not only that, but they’re also guards against how easily glass tends to trap dirt and dust.

On #4, unplug. This is straightforward and so out there, it doesn’t really need an explanation. Still, we’ll say a few things about it. When you’re not home, unplug all devices and equipment that don’t need a 24/7 electricity connection. Your fridge is that exemption.

B, unplug chargers upon your phone and/or laptop reaching fully-charged. On one hand, you save on energy. Yet on the other, you keep your gadgets from overcharging. The latter, when done many times, may lessen the battery capacity of your device.

Alright. We’ll stop here for now. Head on to our Top 10 Electronic Gadgets that we find super rad! You won’t be able to veer away from them!

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets:

1. 3-In-1 Multifunctional Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Having a home that’s spick and span is beneficial in that it creates a space that’s hygienic and breathable. No mess, no stress. When you have less to no clutter, you feel more at ease and are able to move around comfortably.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

And it shouldn’t have to be a chore you want to punch in the face. The 3-in-1 multifunctional robot vacuum cleaner will remove dirt and dust not with a sweep, but a sweeping motion at a time, wherever you set it on.

With a suction power of 1800PA, you can be sure that it will do its job squeaky-clean. The entire package includes a charging station, a remote control, an adapter, a dust bin, a water tank, a cleaning brush… we could go on forever. Hit the button and find out more!

2. Bluetooth 40 Languages Real-Time Speech Translator

Language is now no longer a barrier with the Bluetooth 40 languages real-time speech translator. You’re in a place that’s foreign to you? Unable to understand their language that even gestures and pointing have become like a complicated Trigonometry equation?

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

Worry no more with this automatic, translating device! Have your own language translator in your pocket. Literally!

Another feature you’ll love about this is that it has a wireless function that provides you with the avenue to connect it to your phone via Bluetooth.

3. Double Side Mouse Pad Aluminum Metal

A mouse pad might be something a lot of people don’t care too much about. Just put a towel, cardboard or some thingamajig under the mouse itself. Voila! Instant pad. Not so. A mouse pad actually makes or breaks how smooth and seamless its paired computer device will tread as you navigate it.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

The double side mouse pad aluminum metal is manufactured with aluminum alloy and PU leather, it’s durable and hardwearing. To add to this, it gives the control a quick and accurate control of the mouse.

It even looks like a mat taken from a luxury 5-star hotel. A chic and classy addition to your computer accessories.

4. Interactive Talking Pocket Robot Toy

The world is changing and it’s changing at an amazingly rapid rate. Games and gaming, toys and gadgets are upgraded second after second. The latter, toys, are now more alive than ever. This is so with the interactive talking pocket robot toy.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

Think of it as a pet that isn’t exactly a pet. Something like this. A fun companion you can take with you to entertain and amuse you anywhere you may go. Listen to it sing, watch it dance and have its LED lights go up in blazes.

You can even ask it to do simple, programmed commands as well as utilize it as a recording.

5. Portable Handheld Scanner

In a rush to scan documents, pictures and other files? Unable to get to a laptop to have this task completed? Check your bag if you already have this device. If not, it’s time you get a portable handheld scanner.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

Its job is to do what it says it can do. Scan files in read-only data and you can instantly transfer it to your phone via its USB port. Similarly, it’s armed with 3 resolutions to choose from depending on what you need and how fast you want your docs to be scanned, you’ve got 300DPI, 600DPI, and 900DPI to top the list.

6. Crystal Matte Hard Shell Laptop Case For MacBook

Already have a laptop bag for your Mac? No problem. But our question is… does it protect your laptop? Is it protection enough from jarring, scratches and other abrasions? Can it shield it from water and other liquid spills?

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

We’ll tell you this. The crystal matte hard shell laptop case for MacBook can do all that! It’s made with soft, eco-friendly plastic. However, it doesn’t easily break and is corrosion and water-resistant on either side of its flat surface.

7. Multipurpose Remote Control Wireless Keyboard

Everything’s going wireless these days. Most things. And if you’re always on the move, or will be, and won’t be anywhere near a desk or any place with cable wires for the next couple of days, the multipurpose remote control wireless keyboard is waiting to assist you.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

In contrast, this device allows you to type on your phone or your tablet wirelessly by connecting it to those said devices via Bluetooth. At the same time, it can be used for wireless gaming which is perfect as it has an anti-shake algorithm for stable control.

8. RC Quadcopter Drone With Wide Angle

An avid photographer who’s always trying to stretch his or her limits in the field? Go to the heights and spread those wings! Maybe not in the literal sense. But, if it were, then those wings will be spread by the RC quadcopter drone with wide-angle.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

Rather, it can soar at a distance of 80 to 100 meters between 7 to 9 straight. To add, it has a 3-level flight speed to suit your needs, including an automatic return button.

The entire package includes the quadcopter itself, a transmitter, a 500mAh Lipo battery, a USB charging cable, a protection cover, spare blades, a screwdriver, and a User Manual.

9. Smart Temperature Humidity Sensor

Keep your home at that balanced temperature isn’t so easy, especially when you’re in extreme weather. Summer and Winter. When you turn the A. C. or the space heater on and things just aren’t quite right, the Smart temperature humidity sensor will alert you to it.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

Another, it is able to check on temperature, atmospheric pressure, and humidity. Plus, it can send you real-time reports even when you’re not home. This can be achieved by downloading its corresponding app and linking the device to your phone.

10. Waterproof Smartwatch For Women

A hands-free device while you’re on the move or are working out? The waterproof smartwatch for women is for you. It connects you to your phone by allowing you access to messages, emails, and calls via the Smart Watch itself.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

Therefore, aside from other features such as its built-in camera and universal remote control, it can monitor your body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, and more.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets: Because It Doesn’t Stop Here

11. Top 50 Electronic Gadgets: 20,000 mAh Portable Solar Power Bank

Going for an outdoor excursion? Or are you going to be in a place where access to an outlet plug won’t be there? The 20,000 mAh portable solar power bank is the gadget for you.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

It’s a waterproof, durable and handy portable charger that has a large power capacity. So, with its ABS plastic cover and silicone frame, it’s the ultimate power bank for when you’re in transit. Plus, its solar panel allows for recharging through solar energy.

Charge your phone and your other gadgets through its USB port. In fact, charge more than one device at a time.

12. Astronaut USB Powered LED Lamp For Computers

Needing a little bit more lighting as you work on your laptop or desktop? Your lamplight seems too dim to do the job? The astronaut USB powered LED lamp for computers will light up your computer work area like the 4th of July!

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

Don’t let this tiny astronaut fool you. As a result, it’ll light up your entire desk because of its LED-powered bulb. No matter how late in the night, you know you’ll be able to finish your tasks on your computer with this little dude lighting the way.

13. Bluetooth 5.0 Unique Music Eye Mask

There’s a new way to relax and unwind when you’re at home or are on break in the office. Relaxing has been upgraded by innovative technology like you won’t believe, and we have it here for you. The Bluetooth 5.0 unique music eye mask.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

Much like a regular eye mask, it shields your eyes from bright light for you to help bring you to that state of calm faster. At the same time, unlike a regular eye mask, it has a built-in USB function that allows you to connect this device to your phone.

You can plug into your playlist or receive calls (if you want those to disturb your me-time) through this brand new Bluetooth eye mask.

14. 10,000 mAh USB Portable Power Bank

If you’re constantly on the move and are also constantly needing to be connected to your phone, then there’s no such thing as too many power banks. And with the 10,000 mAh USB portable power bank, you’ll be getting efficiency and value in one device.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

This portable charger has 2 USB outputs AND a Type-C interface input. Talk about connecting 3 gadgets in one sitting! Its battery capacity is larger than others of its type, you’ll be able to charge your devices for a longer period of time.

Furthermore, its digital screen provides you with ease of viewing in knowing how much more time it’ll take for your mobile to reach full-battery.

15. Flat Plate LED Book Light For Reading

Are you a bookworm, like we are? No shame there, folks. An avid reader, eh? We assume that, like us, you can’t help but turn page after page even in the wee hours of the night and perhaps, early morning. Instead of reading those words in dim lighting, use the flat plat LED book light for reading.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

It has a bright yet comfortable-to-the-eyes LED light that illuminates your book. Read with ease and without causing damage to your eyes with this book light no matter what time of day.

Its lightweight-make allows you to take it with you anywhere you are, along with your favorite book of the day.

16. Electric PTC Shoe Dryer

How about an electronic device that you can add to your home electronics collection? If you’re looking for a way to make shoe-drying more convenient, there’s a device we’re sure you’ll want your hands on. The electric PTC shoe dryer.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

I bet there are few, if not already out-of-production refrigerators that have those grill-things at the back? We used to dry shoes that way. Or hung over the stove. Another or… left outside for a day or two. A faster way to accomplish that is through this shoe dryer which reaches a temperature of 60 to 80 degrees.

Toasty like that.

17. Automatic Fountain Water Dispenser For Pets

Here’s another household electronic device you and your pets will cherish. The automatic fountain water dispenser for pets. It needs to complication explanation. So it does what its name suggests. It dispenses water automatically without you hovering over it every now and then.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

This is especially useful to your furry buddies when you’re not home. It offers 3 different water settings to control the amount of water it gives out. And that amount, you can control according to your pet’s size and frequency of drinking.

18. Electric Training Collar For Dogs

This electric training collar for dogs has a personalized feel to it because it’s able to do just that. Personalize your codes so as not to interfere with other dog collar devices. It’s a new and automated method of teaching your dogs.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

It’s got an automatic standby mode, memory functions, and an LCD screen display. In open space, the remote control’s distance can reach up to 300 meters. Your pawed friend can run around and have fun under the sun while you train it to obey certain commands.

19.  GPS Drone With 4K HD Wide-Angle Camera

Photography has gone to heights, and it continuing to rise about the clouds. So to speak. You’ve seen how they do it, taking pictures and shooting videos from up high. You can do that too with the GPS drone with 4K HD wide-angle camera.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

With 90-degree ESC, 120-degree wide-angle camera, and a built-in GPS, you can take pictures and shoot videos from distances unheard of, and with resolutions that are almost studio-worthy! Be the photographer and videographer you want to be with this amazing tech!

20. Military-Grade Encrypted SATA II To USB 3.0 Enclosure

Having trouble looking for a device that will efficiently and securely store date? Privacy is a huge concern, especially when these days, everything is easily accessible online and through electronic devices.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

With the military-grade encrypted SATA II to USB 3.0 enclosure, you can save and transfer data without compromising its security nor your privacy. It has an encryption function you can update whenever you need to. And it offers fast data transfer for such a small gadget!

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets: Make Life Simpler, More Convenient

21. Mini USB Powered LED Lamp

Power interruptions are such a hassle. Power interruptions when you don’t have emergency equipment is, even more, a hassle than the first. Rather than going out of your way to look for devices to light up your space, have this mini USB powered LED lamp in your drawer or wallet!

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

It’s that handy and tiny. But don’t let its tiny-ness lead you to underestimate it. This LED-powered tool can brighten any dark room. Certainly, all it needs is a 5V charging time through its USB port. Have one, two, and more of them and store these mini LED-lamps around your home.

22. Mini-Plug Universal Outlet Power Strip

Having trouble plugging in your electronic devices because your walls don’t have enough power outlets? Not to worry! There’s a simple and practical solution to that. The mini-plug universal outlet power strip, and it’s finally here for you.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

There are 4 types to choose from, depending on need. Choose among power strips with 3 outlets, 4, 5 and 6! Consequently, it has an on/off button for when you’re using it, or the opposite. And its receptacles are universal for various types of plugs.

23. Night Vision Motion Detection Micro Sports Camera

Security is of the utmost importance. Home security is the same. It’s never off the table. This is why time and time again, you witness product after product launching (some, unfortunately failing) because they haven’t got the x-factor for ensuring the safeguarding of your house from corner to corner.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

This is now possible with the night vision motion detection micro sports camera. First of all, hook it up in corners of your house that’ll give it the most access to a greater view of that said area. It’s a more compact CCTV if you will.

Here’s a motion-sensitive camera that has a 1080P lens for high-definition surveillance. Diversely, its night vision feature allows it to be just as useful after the sun is down. It will still be able to record efficiently and save recordings in its 32-G flashcard. Recordings can be transferred to a separate gadget once full.

It can be utilized for outdoor activities, too.

24. Portable EU Plug Power Strip

The portable EU plug power strip has 2 EU ports and 4 USB ports. Talk about being able to charge at least 6 electronic devices in one go! If your walls don’t have enough outlets, this is the right gadget for you.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

Likewise, it’s age-resistant and fire-retardant so that overheating is out of the picture. The number of gadgets you’ll be plugging into it won’t affect either the gadgets themselves nor this power strip or your wall outlet. All thanks to its fireproof ABS material and fire polycarbonate shell.

25. Portable Multi-Language Voice Translator

So many of this product has been introduced to the market and people are going gaga over them. We did, too! But more so when we were introduced to this portable multi-language voice translator. Why? Because it’s 2-way!

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

Unfamiliarity with another culture’s language will now be bridged by this handy yet super effective device. It can translate 40 different languages, has loud HIFI speakers for listening ease. While, it can be used for 8 hours straight.

26. Portable USB Powered Mini Fan

Summer’s just around the corner, or for others in that part of the globe, it’s always at the front door. Why not battle it with a little gust of cool wind with the portable USB-powered mini fan

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

These handy, lightweight and easy-to-use mini fans need not a battery of its own. Due to this, it doesn’t even need to be charged. It simply needs to be plugged to your phone, or any other similar gadget and its propellers will immediately rotate to keep you cool during high temperatures.

27. Powerful Waterproof LED Headlamp

When you’re out on your outdoor trips and when those trips aren’t just day travels, it’s inevitable that you’ll need a lighting device to illuminate your way. And if you’ll be heading towards crevices and caves, if you’re into that kind of adventure too, then we have the gadget for you.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

The powerful waterproof LED headlamp. It has a 180-degree high beam that has a 5LED sensor. Likewise, because it’s powered by lithium-ion, it not only gives off bright and strong light beams. But they last for longer than most of its kind as well.

28. Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Want to keep your fingers and palms warm during the cold? A space heater’s too much heat for your needs? The rechargeable hand warmer will be your go-to partner when it comes to letting your hands feel snug when it’s chilly outside.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

Charge this rechargeable hand warmer for about an hour and it’ll offer hand-warming properties for your comfort. Don’t panic just yet. Consequently, it only heats us with a power of 4W as its battery capacity is 1800mAh. No getting scorched because it’ll always stay in that lukewarm balanced temperature.

29. Robot Powerful Suction Vacuum Cleaner

Ready to give your home cleaning a boost? It’s possible with the robot powerful suction vacuum cleaner. It not only gives you convenience as it’ll do the cleaning task for you. Alternately, it’ll clean up faster and more efficiently.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

With 2 levels of suctions power, you can choose the first to get rid of dust and crumbs. The second, larger debris and particles.

Also, this robot vacuum cleaner is designed in a sleek and flat design for easy access under furniture and other hard-to-reach spots around your home.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets: 5 More To Go!

30. Splitter Cable Adapter

Save on time and on energy in plugging gadgets to your USBs, and other devices with the splitter cable adapter. It’s an all-in-one splitter that lets you plug, transfer and charge more than one device at a given period.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

After all, time is always of the essence, ain’t it? So goes the cliché, and we’re not backing away from it just because it’s a tad overused. But yes, your time is important. And when it comes to gadget connectivity, save on it with this splitter cable adapter.

31. Waterproof Smartwatch Sport For Men

Have everything you need (most things) in a single accessory. The waterproof smartwatch sport for men. This smartwatch doesn’t only tell time. It’s able to tell you of your body’s condition such as heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, and more.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

Over and above that, it lets you stay connected to your phone hands-free. Thus, you get notified with work emails, social media pop-ups, messages and calls with this awesome device. Use it for longer spurts of time as it comes with a high-quality polymer rechargeable battery.

32. USB Voltage Detector

This USB meter can measure a device’s voltage capacity and use it without hassles. This USB voltage detector isn’t a complicated type of machinery. Simply plug your electronic gadget to it and it’ll automatically read its voltage usage level.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

It’s a really helpful method of knowing which of your electronics are consuming the most energy. That way, you’ll be able to limit their use especially if you’re trying to lower your electric bill every month. Most noteworthy, with a digital screen, you’ll conveniently see an alert of the voltage is beyond capacity or not.

33. Ultrasonic Pest Repellent

Pests. Whether they gross you out or that you simply can’t stand them, we feel ya’. They carry germs and bacteria that, if not dealt with the proper way, could lead to disease. If you’re thinking of a stress-free way to DIY it, put this ultrasonic pest repellent on a shelf you’ll easily reach.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

It has advanced ultrasonic technology that’s non-toxic and safe to utilize. With very low energy consumption, its waves repel pests in your home as well as on your lawn. Plug it in and let it keep your home away from pests.

34. Waterproof Metal Key Storage Lockbox

Find yourself frequently misplacing your keys? Trying to find a way to store your keys in a secure manner? Both of these problems have the same solution. The waterproof metal key storage lockbox.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

Set this lockbox on a wall or a surface that’s most accessible to you. Possibly an area you’ll be able to easily see. Store your keys in it and save your pin code or password. Just like that, it acts as a key-keeper (wordplay there). And only you will have access to it because its password is customizable.

35. Window Cleaning Robot

Getting your windows that brand new, crystal clear shine-and-shimmer is quite the challenge. You can use different window cleaning products, yes. However, reaching high areas and tough spots, that’s where you might just lose it and give up altogether.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

Well, you won’t be giving up so long as you have the window cleaning robot. It has a cleaning speed of 4 minutes per square meter. Hence, it’s a speedier manner of cleaning windows and other glass-like surfaces. Plus, it has a charging time of only 1 hour.

36. Electric Lunch Box – 12V

There’s nothing like having packed lunch that’s filled with your favorite eats. After all, you prepared the whole meal at home. However, when you have packed lunch that’s piping hot, you know you’ll enjoy your break even more.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

Have your meals hot and ready with this electric lunch box. Powered with a 12-volt wattage, it won’t overheat and burn your food. Similarly, its low voltage won’t cause any sudden shocks. No one wants that! Just warm meals to go!

37. Portable Timing Pill Intelligent Reminder Storage

Never again will you forget to take you medicines day to day! Vitamins, supplements and more should be ingested on a set schedule based on your doctor’s prescription. Quick to forget that very schedule? Have no fear!

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

The portable timing pill intelligent reminder storage is here! It has a built-in alarm that you can set every day. Thus, assisting you in regularly taking your medication. Also, it has an easy-slide case that opens and closes smoothly.

38. 3-Speed Portable Car Air Cooling Fan

There are days when it’s warm but you just don’t feel like turning on the A.C. Whether you’re chilling at home, working on your desk in the office, or driving in your car, there’s another type of gadget that will cool the air around you.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

And that’s the 3-speed portable air cooling fan. Especially designed for backseat usage but can be utilized in other locations, it has high-pressure glass blades for maximum rotation. Furthermore, This cooling fan is foldable.

39. Mini Portable Mushroom Dust Vacuum Cleaner

With gadgets a-plenty and electronic devices galore, you’ll want to have them be dust-free. Because they need to be given that cleaning-attention for them to work well. And to keep your space hygienic and neat.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

Let this mini portable mushroom dust vacuum cleaner dust-away computer keyboards and laptops. These, and other surfaces and tiny spaces that need some cleaning. It’s a handheld device that’s easy to operate.

40. Multifunctional Bluetooth Joystick Gaming Controller

Love games and playing them on your phone? There’s an innovative gadget that will allow your gaming experience be raised to a level higher than before! Get your game on with the multifunctional Bluetooth joystick gaming controller.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

With Bluetooth technology, you can connect it to Androids, iPhones, tablets, personal computers, and even to T.V.s! Most noteworthy, its controls have LED lights, providing you with ease when playing at night.

41. Wireless Silent Keyboard And Mouse Set

Bluetooth. Wireless. When it comes to electronic devices, they’re all the rage these days. But what if we told you that there’s a pair that has a wireless range unlike any other. What if we tell you that it’s right here on our #41?

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

The wireless silent keyboard and mouse set has an excellent high-speed 10-meter range. Of course, no wires. And silent? Yep. Both the keyboard and the mouse don’t make a sound when you click and type on them.

42. Wireless Bluetooth Earphones For Mobile Phones

We know that you’re a busy-bee, constantly on the phone talking to bosses and clients, closing deals and whatnot. You’re a powerhouse! Yet it can be annoying to hold your phone when you have other tasks to deal with.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

These wireless Bluetooth earphones will let you answer calls and talk over the phone, hands-free! The same goes with music. Additionally, these ear buds have a charging port that will turn red if almost empty, and green when full.

43. Portable Karaoke Mini Microphone

You have to admit that a little karaoke never hurt anyone. Especially after a week of a hectic work schedule. There may not be available rooms in your favorite karaoke joint and going out is too much of a hassle. Then, karaoke at home!

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

With the portable karaoke mini microphone. Hook it to your handheld, play your favorite minus one song and sing! Above all, it’s isn’t your ordinary mic. It has an anti-noise component and is a high-standard condenser.

44. Telescope Zoom For Smartphone Camera

Phone photography has been making waves, and it still is. Nowadays, people check the specs of a phone’s camera above other apps. If you don’t have a DSLR but love taking pictures with your phone, this next one’s for you.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

The telescope zoom camera for Smartphones has a 40 x 60 magnification, with a full view of 1500M/ 9500M. It has the capacity to take pictures from afar and make them appear as if they were staring you in the face (in the best way possible).

45. Windproof Dual Arc Flameless Electronic Lighter

This one’s going to blow your mind! Ours went kaboom when we found out that this tiny gadget is a flame-less light and works solely on charging power. The windproof dual arc flame-less electronic lighter has made its way to this list!

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

It has a rechargeable feature. Thus, you can save on constantly replacing old lighters. To add, it has a LED light power indicator display. Take this with you wherever you go and amaze your friends and family with this awesome electronic lighter!

46. Handheld Fabric Steamer

Going back to electronic gadgets for the home, how about a more convenience equipment straightening out wrinkles on your clothes after you’ve washed them. An iron? Meh. Another home equipment to bag is this handheld fabric steamer.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

Unlike conventional clothes irons, this fabric steamer is lightweight. Therefore, you can more easily maneuver it over apparel. Even on spots that are usually difficult to iron the “regular” way. This extraordinary device will save you on time and effort in ironing.

47. LED Wooden Alarm Clock

When at home or in the office, keep track of time without fuss by having a clock near you. Not just any clock. The LED wooden alarm clock. This is so not the regular, everyone-has-it, regular clock. And we’ll tell you why.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

This LED wooden alarm clock is far from traditional. It has a voice-controlled function with a close range of up to 60dB. Moreover, it displays the room temperature accurately.

Whether through USB charging or with AAA batteries, you can set time in style.

48. Hybrid Technology HIFI Metal In-Ear Earphones

You’ve probably seen so many ads online about earphones that are apparently better than the ones that were released just a few weeks ago. And the list goes on. This time, we really mean it when we say that we’ve found a pair that exceeds expectations.

These hybrid technology HIHI metal in-ear earphones provide high-quality sound through excellent wired connectivity. More than that, it has an increased frequency response, fine circuit optimization, and precise internal acoustic structure. Earphone quality at its finest!

49. Nintendo Switch Controller Grip

Have a gaming experience that’ll get you hyped every single time! Who says you have to spend much to have gadgets that are on-point with your gaming prowess? There’s a set that’s cost-effective yet offers great results.

Top 50 Electronic Gadgets For Tech-Lovers Like You!

Check out these Nintendo switch controller grips. They’re manufactured with specific designs and layouts to match the games you’ll be playing through them. Play as though you yourself are in the game with these controllers!

50. Magnetic Textile Mounting Disc

Have an awesome adventure and take awesome images of your trip with your GoPro. Not only that, mount it on this magnetic textile mounting disc. What for? For a better, more stable image and video capturing.

This magnetic textile mounting disc contains extra strong magnets and hooks to keep your GoPro in place even through rigorous movements. Hence, it allows your camera to take stunning images whether you’re standing still or are in motion.

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