The Vertical Gaming Mouse: A Powerful Accessory

Simply put, a computer gaming mouse is a handheld hardware input device. It is designed to control a cursor to select and move files, icons, text, and folders. The standard design includes two buttons, and a wheel a mouse pad on a flat surface near the keyboard.

There was a time when, to open a computer directory or to select, move, or delete files, you had to memorize commands and type them out. With a mouse, an easy click does it. Certainly, the USB-type mouse is common and connects to a desktop computer’s USB port. On the other hand, a laptop can have a touchpad functioning as a mouse.

The gaming mouse is a bit different from the regular mouse. To play games satisfyingly, a gamer’s mouse needs more accuracy. For this reason, gamers use only high DPI (dot per inch) mice to get an edge on the game. There are reasons why the comforts designed in the gaming mouse are preferred over a regular mouse. For instance, after a long game, a regular mouse can mean soreness and pain on your hand.

The Vertical Mouse: It’s More Than Just Gaming

The Vertical Gaming Mouse: A Powerful Accessory
The Vertical Gaming Mouse: A Powerful Accessory For Gamers

Most gamers are aware that a regular mouse can mean sure failure, or at least surely impossible to win the game. To play the best games, they use the vertical mouse as a computer accessory for increased convenience and comfort.

The ergonomic design of the vertical mouse helps gamers move in the game in ways faster than a regular mouse. In fact, this vertical mouse is not like the typical mouse that lays flat on the table.

Ergonomic Design

You can be thankful that the ergonomic design of this vertical mouse gives you comfort and, as you can see, you can use it conveniently. Standing out from other gaming mice, this one is different due to its vertical design. You can enjoy long-term benefits by using this mouse, as it is particularly designed to favor your wrist areas. Using a regular mouse can twist your wrist without your notice and, over time, ultimately damage the nerves. With this vertical mouse, you can keep your wrist straight as well as reduce fatigue and stress on your entire hand and arm.

Programmable Mouse

Vertical Gaming Mouse Computer Accessory
The Vertical Gaming Mouse: A Powerful Accessory For Gamers

For a hassle-free experience, you can even program this customizable vertical mouse. Believe it or not, this mouse has onboard memory along with 11 programmable buttons. This vertical mouse is computer accessory with five adjustable settings ranging from 1500 to 10000 DPI. As well, it has a Pixart PMW3325 IR sensor. Even better, it also has an RGB marquee color-changing belt.

Needless to say, operating systems such as Windows XP, Vista7, 8, 10, and Linux are compatible with this vertical mouse. Unlike other gaming devices available, this vertical mouse can accurately transfer pressure because it also has a force distribution option for your utmost comfort.


Playing games on a computer with a regular mouse is stressful. Indeed, long playing hours can be painful on the wrist, back, and neck. While playing, a gamer should feel comfortable and be physically relaxed. This is the reason why your purchase of the vertical Gaming Mouse is your best computer gaming accessory investment. Best of all, you can be sure of scoring high points and reaching the upper levels of your game.

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