The Future Of Tech: The Desktop PC

A desktop computer monitor sitting on top of a desk

These days the people of new generation have been foretelling that the Desktop PC will be no more in existence soon. But they don’t know this favorite platform of all isn’t going anywhere. Since the last few years, it is simply morphed into a smaller form factor, handheld devices that techie and other people can carry with them at all times.

But, the desktop environment will remain the best option for productivity, content creation, and even gaming. In older days the turning on your PC take enough time and allow you to go downstairs to make some coffee and return to see it boot. In the modern world, PCs are so much faster.

The Future of Tech: The Desktop PC
The Future of Tech: The Desktop PC

But Desktop PC makers aiming to make PC which can start in the time till your finger moves from Power button. Tom’s Hardware has achieved booting time of 4.9 seconds in Windows 10 PC, by using an Intel Optane drive and some impractical configuration.
In next couple of years, with the advancements in technology and, more storage solutions, motherboards configuration, CPUs development, and RAM enhancement will turn instaboot feature a reality. It will drop boot times to a couple of seconds.

Desktop PC In Your Pocket

Smartphones are these days have enormous features and increased power. Moreover they come with various integrated features that perform better than many laptops. The Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 is already equipped with 7nm processor in Apple’s A12 and Huawei’s Kirin 980. This provides more power and efficiency to these pocket devices.

However for many years, companies are trying to merge PCs and smartphone functioning by using docking stations. Samsung is working on the development of its DeX platform, which will provide desktop experience. You will be able to connect one of its mobile phone devices to a monitor, and with the use of keyboard/mouse can have the same experience. However, DeX isn’t the right option for PC replacement.

The Future of Tech: The Desktop PC
The Future of Tech: The Desktop PC

Other recent developments to enhance the desktop environment made are macOS’ continuity and Microsoft’s ‘Your Phone’ app.These apps allows you to take phone calls, send or receive messages, or capture photos. It also allows to transfer them.

The Future of Tech: The Desktop PC
The Future of Tech: The Desktop PC

Smartphones are powerful devices and will be use frequently for multipurpose functionality. PCs will primarily be used for creating content which cannot be done easily with other devices. PC will remain the best choice for coders, artists, gamers. They also work for Artificial intelligence and for audio/visual creators.

A Streaming Future

High-Speed internet connections will influence the PC landscape. Google has launched a cloud-based Stadia platform, which will be able to deliver 4K HDR streaming at 60 frames per second. However, the platform requires a device with an internet connection and a Chrome browser.

Voice-controlled UI and AI

Microsoft has already launched Windows that has voice-controlled virtual assistant Cortana. Alibaba’s voice assistant is one of the good examples of AI and serving millions of calls. It’s a belief that the development of similar AI smarts will improve PCs voice recognition. Moreover,we will be able to control the user interface with the help of our voice.

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