Powerful Industrial Touchscreen Computers Worth Checking Out

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Every legitimate company needs some industrial touchscreen computers that are reliable in packaging, process control, inspection, manufacturing, and other monitoring purposes. So, if you’re looking for something dedicated and robust, below are some of the carefully-picked brands that you must check out.

PCAP Touchscreen Flat Panel PC
If you want an industrial pc that is designed without any enclosure, then go for this brand. Its slim and modern design, combined with the maximum usage of display are extremely suitable for some heavy retailing or IoT. Moreover, its bezel-free touch monitor usually comes with a VESA mounting for easy installation and maintenance. 

Bezel-free designed tech is known to be suitable in harsh environments because they are made from industrial grade components that are proven to be reliable, in order to deliver your desired results. With this industrial computer, the perfect balance between form and function is achieved. Choose this if you want some guaranteed durability over long periods of time.

P1000 Industrial Touch Panel PC Series

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This robust touch panel pc is perfect for any complex projects you throw at it. The aluminum casing ensure that not harmful elements will slip past in its sophisticated interior. Additionally, this touchscreen PC supports a wide array of LCD sized to satisfy the demands of the client. Moreover, the device’s other features include an expandable I/Os, anti-corrosion, anti-vibration, scalable CPU options, among others.

Advantech Touch Panel Computer

If a fan less, all-in-one industrial touchscreen computer is what you’re looking for, then go for this. Models can include either widescreen or multi-touch interface with sizes from 3.5” to 21.4”. This is the smartest choice to have, especially when you’re looking for a versatile machine that’s capable on doing the most complex problems.

Android Touchscreen Panel PC

This portable, industrial PC is widely used applications related to IIOT and AR. It basically functions as a control center to collect and show data to the end-users. Additionally, these are the economic choice for many applications where panel computers are too much. This computer contains interesting features like face and iris recognition, temperature checking, among others.

FDK Series

This industrial computer is made with outstanding configuration and specifically dedicated to deliver the best return-of-investment for every client. To easily fit any space, the FDK series was built with a slim design and an open frame. Furthermore, several touchscreen options that offer a dynamic user experience is established to maximize versatility. Lastly, the brightness adjustment on the back provides an easier and faster maintenance.

AIS’s 12.1” Compact Plus HMI

This industrial touchscreen computer can feature industrial displays at brilliant qualities (800×600, SVGA). Additionally, it can provide high-performance computing to any complex problems that require strenuous amounts of data. Moreover, it can also handle high speed Ethernet links that is necessary for communication and data support. Lastly, it is enclosed in a rugged aluminum case to ensure maximum protection against constant use and abuse in harsh environments.


Industrial computers are extremely strong in nature. However, each has its own limitations and capabilities. That’s why it important to select the best unit that would fit your company’s demands.

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