Minimalistic Decor Theme Here It Goes! Get This Before The Sale Ends! Don’t Miss This Limited Offer

Do you want to have a minimalistic decor article in your house? If so, then you should go for this functional decorative wall clock which you can put up according to your convenience. It is one of the best options when it comes to home and office decor elements. You can get it at a cheap price and it is a 3d wall clock with a unique look. It is also easy to install which is why you would want to attach the theme and make it relevant to the surroundings of the room. It is available in beautiful 3d print and also comes with amazing technology and computing facilities. The design of the clock is meant to suit all homes and has a decorative feature. 

Decorative DIY Minimalist 3d Wall Clock For Home And Office

The design of the clock is one of a kind and will bring a beautiful 3d effect when put on the walls. It is not bound by outer confinement and that is what makes it look even more modern. The material is highly durable and it is also waterproof. So even if your walls are dampened during the rainy season, you should not have any problems at all. The clock comes with an easy-to-install adhesive and all you have to do is to stick the parts to the wall. The numbers twelve, three, six, and nine are written in a beautiful font and are placed vertically instead of horizontally. Buy the decorative minimalist 3D wall clock now for a better outlook of your home and office. 


  • Theme design: Minimalistic
  • Effect: High-quality 3d graphics to suit any wall. 
  • Installation: Easy with self-adhesive
  • Durability: High- also waterproof and weatherproof. 
  • Material: Stainless steel, aluminum, acrylic as well as EVA foam. 
  • Size: 9cm (hour point), 12cm(minute point)
  • Battery: Good Quality double A batteries 
  • Price: 11 Dollars


  • The most amazing thing about this clock is that it is good for something minimal and also has a beautiful 3D effect. 
  • The installation of the clock is very easy and all you have to do is to stick the clock pieces to the wall. 
  • The clock is also waterproof which means it is very durable. Also, it is easy on the pocket and you do not have to burn a hole through to get hold of the modern-day design. 
  • The wall clock has quite a unique outlook and you will not be able to get any household with a similar item. 
A clock in the middle of a room


  • The technology is pretty good but the wall behind has to be light in color. Otherwise, the wall clock might not look good. 
  • The EVA foam might wear off after some time which is why you have to be careful while handling the parts. 
  • It has intricate designs which can make it hard to dust off. 


Now that you know about the unique wall clock that you can buy, you should not have any problems in getting it from the online markets. Order it and get it while you sit back at home. 

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