Laptop Screentouch Computers – Is a Touch Screen Better Than a Normal Keyboard?

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When you think about laptop touchscreen computers, do you picture a small laptop computer keyboard that is used to access all the functions of the laptop? If so, you are missing out on a lot. Laptops are changing more and in the future they will also start to include touch screens. The advantage of having this type of input device is clear. It allows a person to operate the laptop without having to use the keyboard.

An Overview

It is easy to see why laptop touchscreen computer options are becoming so popular with laptop users. Touchscreens on laptops allow laptop users to scroll up and down menus and launch applications with just a touch of the screen. With this input device, laptop owners can do even more with their computers. The ability to scroll up and down menus is especially useful to those who often work on their laptop from home or from the coffee shop. It is also useful for people who often want to check the time while they are working. If you use your laptop in this manner, having a laptop that includes a touch screen is going to be really convenient.

You may think that it will be difficult to find a laptop that has a touchscreen. This may have been true in the past but not now. Laptop manufacturers are starting to include various types of touch screen technology into their lineup of laptop computers. They realize that many laptop users would prefer to use a laptop that includes a touch screen if they were comfortable using one. As a result, many laptop manufacturers have added this type of input device to their laptop models.

Additional Services 

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In addition to providing a laptop computer with a touch screen, many laptop touchscreen models also include other additions. For example, some models include a trackball or a trackpad on the lower side of the laptop. This allows a user to easily navigate between applications on the laptop without having to turn his or her body away from the computer. In fact, some laptop computer manufacturers include such an input device only on their laptop computers with larger screens. Even if you purchase a laptop with a smaller screen, you may still want to consider adding a laptop touchscreen, because it will make working with the computer easier and more comfortable.

If you already have a laptop computer, you may wonder if a laptop with a touchscreen is going to be more comfortable than one that does not include one. Some users are concerned that they will not be able to utilize their laptop computer as effectively as they would if they had a touch sensitive screen. Fortunately, most laptop computer manufacturers have made their computers ergonomically friendly so that they are comfortable to use even when the screen is touch sensitive. In fact, it is often difficult for someone who is used to using a standard computer to adjust to a laptop computer that includes touch technology.

Input Devices 

If you are not familiar with a laptop touchscreen, it is easy to learn more about this input device. Just like a regular keyboard, a laptop touchscreen includes letters and numbers along with actual buttons that can be used to control your computer. The laptop touchscreen is usually located below the keyboard, next to the USB port. If you are familiar with standard keyboards, you will find that the layout of a laptop touchscreen is quite different and may take some time to get used to.

Before purchasing a laptop with a touch screen, be sure that you understand the differences between regular keyboards and laptop touchscreen input devices. Many laptop computers come standard with a regular keyboard, but you may find that there are specific models of laptops that come with a touch screen only. For example, HP sells a laptop called the Compaq laptop with a touch screen that includes additional features such as an accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass. When you first purchase a laptop with a touch screen, you will probably wonder why it is different than a regular keyboard. It may seem a bit awkward at first, but once you become accustomed to using a laptop computer with a touch screen, you will probably never go back.


When you are shopping for a laptop with a touch screen or when you want to upgrade your existing laptop computer, you may be tempted to purchase the cheapest available laptop computer with a touch screen. However, while you may save a lot of money on the lower priced laptop, you may end up with a computer that does not work correctly or that does not have all of the features that you want. Therefore, when you are comparing prices between different models of laptops with touch screens, it is important to take the computer’s spec sheet into consideration. Many manufacturers list specifications on the computer’s box or the manual that comes with the computer. You can then figure out which features you need and which features you may be able to live without in order to save money.

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