Know About The Computer Security System And Its Types Of Attacks

computer security system

There is a growth in technology each day, and as it grows with the passing time, it eventually works on the transformation of the digital world. Everybody is using the internet in a massive amount which is further making people vulnerable to different cyber attacks. Wherever you head to or whatever you use, you will always find some risk everywhere, and to save yourself from all those risks, you need to possess the right information about the computer security system and its types.

What Do You Understand By Computer Security?

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Computer security works to deal with the protection of computer systems and also catches the information from theft, harm, and any sort of unauthorized use. The main cause behind users getting attacked with several cyber attacks is that they do not have adequate defenses to keep the attackers away, and cybercriminals are quite active in catching the weakness of people. A computer security system ensures the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of your computer and the computer’s stored data.

Different Types Of Attacks That Cyber Criminals Often Try

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There are several kinds of attacks that are available to a hacker. Some of the most famous and frequent cybersecurity system attack types are:

Denial Of Service

This type of attack is used to control the access of the user to the resources of the computer system by flooding the server with unusual and useless traffic. The botmaster of the hacker commands the bots of the computer to access a resource at the time so as to jam up the resource completely. Then, if a user really wants to access the same resource setup, the concerned person will not be able to get an access it anytime soon.


The hacker or the cyber attacker sends your bait in the form of an email, generally. This email encourages people to share their personal information. Banks never ask for your account details, ifsc code, or other information. This type of attack refers to as phishing which is super common in this developing digital world.


The hackers, before attacking you focus on how you work and what is the traffic on your system. The attacker can easily catch you or monitor you using the below listed three ways:

The websites you visit frequently

Email monitoring

The items you often download

SQL Injection

As the name of this attack type suggests that the hacker injects malicious input to your SQL statement of your computer security system. The victim of this attack type is only the websites. The best example of a site is Facebook. It is because facebook’s website stores a lot of data of the users. The hackers try to hit that particular stored database and sign in using any other person’s username and password.


You always need to understand several types of attacks in the computer security system as people having large businesses can easily be caught by hackers. Try to secure your computer with two-factor authentication, secure passwords, updated antivirus, regular updates, firewalls, anti-fishing tactics, encryption, and much more.

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