If You Are Planning To Build A Desktop Computer You Should Know These Details

build a desktop computer

No matter if you are experienced in technology or not, we will guide you to make your own computer at home. Just bring all the related hardware components and work on attaching them with each other. Motherboard, Central processing unit (CPU), storage, memory, a power supply, a case, monitor, and other accessories made your computer workable. You further require keyboards, mouse and other accessories to use as per your requirement. 


a mobo

It is also called a circuit board and every component plugs into that. All the work of the computer happens through it, and people call it highway as it communicates and collaborates. In the market, you will get different sizes and configurations but all those have the same functionality. Yes, make sure that the motherboard you are buying is compatible with the processor you have. Or buy a motherboard compatible with your processor else you will end up spending double. 

Motherboards also come in a couple of sizes, the most common being ATX (or “full size”). We also suggest you look for a branded company in the market before using your hard-earned money into buying the motherboard. 

CPU Or Processor

A circuit board

You should call it the brain of the computer. All the world happens here and your computer is literally dead without that. AMD, Intel, Ryzen, and some famous names in the market. Also, ask about the latest version of the processor before choosing one. 

Graphics Card

This is mainly useful for better performance in gaming. It is a type of specialized processor that’s designed and optimized for handling visual data like the graphics in games. It is also used in video and photo editing.


It works like a place where you store all your files, folder, photos, videos, and others. The more storage you have, the more space you get for your work and entertainment purposes. 


The performance of a computer largely depends on the RAM. You should always focus on having RAM with good storage when build a desktop computer. It is also called random access memory and all your temporary data is stored there. Ideally, you should have a minimum of 16 GB of RAM for your desktop computer.

Power Supply (PSU)

This hardware supplies power to your desktop and without that your computer will not work. It is also called SMPS.

Case or Cabinet

You need to All those components assembled into a case or cabinet. The metal box you used to see is called a cabinet and it holds everything together. 

Operating System

Microsoft is one of the most used operating system providers in the world. You have to buy a licensed operating system from an authorized vendor when build a desktop computer. 


Now the main unit of your computer is ready, use a monitor, keyboard, mouse, or any other accessories and sit down for work or entertainment.

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