How To Perform A Macbook Scan And Repair In The Face Of Panic And Stress

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Apple recently announced a new feature of their popular Mac operating system which allows users to view the screen of another Mac through the use of their Apple computer display hooked up to a Mac laptop. This feature, called “screen mirroring”, is available in the current version of Mac OS X. It is a great way to share the display on a secondary Mac with someone else who has an Apple computer display hooked up to a laptop. This can allow you to use two displays if needed or to use multiple monitors on your Mac for a multi-display setup. You will also find that it is quite useful for those people who travel often and want to keep multiple displays on their Mac to take up as little space as possible while still being productive.

To begin, connect your second device, such as a laptop, to your Mac using its USB port. Then, open the apple menu by clicking on its name on the upper left corner. At the top of this window is a “Utilities” icon and this is where you will click on it.

Listed All The Computers On Your Network

An open laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden table

After clicking this icon, click on “OS X Utilities”. Next, find the “plexnet” icon which is in the lower right corner of the screen. Now, click on it and then click on “List Sources”. You should see a list of all the computers on your network that have an available Internet connection.

Once you have listed all the computers on your network, go ahead and click on each one to gain access to their webpages. You can view each page in your browser if you wish by clicking on its name. If you wish to use the apple screen mirroring feature, simply log into your infected mac system either through the internet or through another means and then visit each of these infected websites to upload your screenshots.


An open laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden table

In order to successfully complete this task, one thing you must do is to remove the protection of the “Wikileaks” application as well as any other viruses that are installed on your computer. Go to the start menu by pressing the keys Control + alt + D. When the start menu bar has appeared, click on “Applications”. At the bottom of the application menu is a box with the words “Utilities”. Click on it. The drop down list on the right side of this window contains the word “Utilities” and it indicates that you should click on it.

Open the utility called “EFirstential Manager”, which is located at /Efi/efi_release/romfs/mounts. The text displayed in this window should be the same as the text shown in the “jocks”. These two lines are necessary for successful completion of the mirroring process. After clicking on “Rambo Search and Destroy” from the utility menu, a black and white view of the infected mac system will be shown. The icon of the program can be seen at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Software Tools

Click on this icon and it will take you to a folder called “Software Tools”, where you should see a folder called “EFI”. Once you have clicked into this folder, the process of mirroring the infected computer will begin. 

The first time you do this process, your apple computer will require that you use the recovery USB in order to connect it to the USB port on your secondary monitor. It is suggested that you create a bootable USB flash drive in order to make the process of restoring your system as easy as possible.

Final Words

Once your secondary monitor has been connected, you will then need to connect the usb drive and follow the onscreen instructions. This step requires that you plug in the USB drive into the mac laptop and then follow the onscreen prompts. When you find the restore button, simply press this restore button several times in order to restore your mac operating system to its original state. Once you are sure that everything has been restored, you can then proceed to using your secondary monitor in order to continue with the scanning and repair process.

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