How To Make Animation In Computer Graphics

How To Make Animation In Computer Graphics

We all love cartoons. They make us laugh. But do you know what is the official name of them? The official name is animation. In earlier days, people used to draw them on paper, and process each picture on the film roll. Hence, in recent times, computers have changed the process. Now it is possible to do more animation without drawing much. Let’s take a look at how to make animation in computer graphics.

How To Make Animation In Computer Graphics
How To Make Animation In Computer Graphics

Animation In Computer Graphics – How Its Work

As you know computer are good with calculations. For this reason, it can guess the path of an object and create fillers. To do a simple animation, at first you need to draw a character on the computer. For 3d animation, you need to make a model of the object. Then you need to give a path of motion to the object. Next, the computer will do the animation for you. All animations follow this standard.

Animation In Computer Graphics – Types

Moreover, there are different types of animation. These are 2D, 3D, and photo-realistic. You can find the usage of most 2D animation programs in the cartoons. Often games and movies use 3D animation programs. However, big-budget movies only use photo-realistic animation. You need to use different types of software for different types of animation.

Animation In Computer Graphics – Software

Software or the computer program is the key part of any animation. Some programs allow you to do 2D animation. Some allow 3D animation, while some allow photo-realistic animation. For 2D animation, you can use Adobe Flash, FlipBook, and Blender. Therefore, if you want to make 3D animation, you can use 3ds Max and Poser. Photo-realistic animation needs complicated software like Maya and Cinema 4D.

Animation In Computer Graphics – Hardware

Moreover, you can do your first animation on your home computer. For this, you do not need anything special. Most computers are powerful enough for this task. However, you need a powerful computer for 3D animation. It takes a lot of computing power.

Animation In Computer Graphics – Learning

Additionally, making animation at home is not that difficult. You can join any animation classes for it. There are also multiple tutorials available for this. With just a couple of weeks of practice, you can do basic animations. Most 2D animations are very simple. You can learn it by watching tutorial videos. However, 3D and photo-realistic animations are difficult. But you can master them by joining computer graphics classes.

Animation In Computer Graphics – Career Option

How To Make Animation In Computer Graphics
How To Make Animation In Computer Graphics

Therefore, in this field, you will get lots of opportunities. Big studios are hiring lots of people for this task. Thus, you can work there and make a great career. Here you will get lots of chances to earn lots of money. You can also work alone from home. Hence, many big studios outsource their projects to others. You can take some of these projects and work from your home.

Lastly – How Can You Create The Best Of Graphics

Furthermore, it is a fun job. Many people enjoy it very much. Their love and passion make it possible.

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