How to Change the Color Quality of Your Laptop Screen

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Many people want to get a sharp, crisp and clear display for their computer, but many just don’t know how to go about getting it. Many people may think that upgrading the graphics card on their computer is the only way to get a better resolution. While this is one way to increase the resolution, it is also often the worst option. The fact is that laptop screens are not the same as traditional computers and having a higher display resolution requires another solution.


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One of the best things about laptop computers is the fact that they can connect to multiple sources at once. With a standard desktop computer, you have one monitor, then two, three, four and even more! This means that your display needs to be able to project an image that is true all the way around. It means that there must be enough space between each of the monitors in order for each to see a full picture. In addition to this problem, when you add in the fact that there are limited screen size options, then you are really in trouble if you are looking for a display that is sharp and colorful.

External Monitor

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To solve this display problem, the best thing that you can do is purchase an external monitor. You see, while laptops have always been known for their large screen sizes, in recent years, companies have started making products that are designed specifically for those that are interested in a small laptop screen. These products are often referred to as mini laptops and they are great for anyone that wants to use an external monitor but who also needs high resolution. These mini laptops are perfect for frequent travelers or anyone that works at a computer all day and loves to watch movies on the large screen. Even those that work with the smaller sized screens love these little laptops because they are portable and light.

Multiple Displays

If you look at a regular laptop screen, you will see that it has multiple displays built into it. These multiple displays are referred to as panes and they allow the user to pan from one pane to the next without having to lift their laptop off of its desk. When you have an external monitor, however, you will find that the only way to change the displayed image is to press a single button on your keyboard which makes it difficult to see which pane you are looking at.

Graphic Cards

Another issue that some people run into when they are looking to buy an external laptop screen is that they run into problems because of the way that the laptop handles graphic cards. The problem is that most graphics cards that are used in external laptop screens are referred to as AGP cards. The AGP card is not something that you should mess around with because it is not something that will support multiple outputs. While the card may be able to support two monitors, the display screen will not be able to change because the card is not designed for multiple displays.


What you need to do instead is to upgrade the display card that you have to the correct width for the screen that you are going to use with your laptop. This is something that can be easily done and it can be done with a bit of effort on your part. What you need to do is take your old display and have it replaced with an pixels per inch (IPA) screen. This is a standard measurement that is used to determine the resolution of a screen but it is also used in other situations including computer games so we will stick with this number for now.


You then need to attach the display to the laptop using a cable. Since touch screens are becoming more common, there are a wide variety of different connections that you can choose from including RCA cables that provide better quality sound than standard RCA connections. Touch screen monitors can also have higher display resolution than standard monitors so the difference in quality of the audio that is provided by these two types of connections can make quite a difference in the final visual display that you get. If you want to go with a matte finish, you can also do that instead of the glossy type so make sure that you look at all of your options before making your final decision. Once you have the screen on and connected to the laptop, you can then turn your attention to the brightness and contrast settings on the screen.

Contrast Ratio

The contrast ratio on a laptop screen is often referred to as the gamma and it refers to the contrast between the brightest colors and the darkest ones. The brighter colors will appear as white and the colors that are deepest in the screen will appear as black. Because of the contrast ratio, you want to make sure that you get a high gamma value of around 8 on most models. On the other hand, the brightness setting must always be turned down to the lowest possible level unless you want to get the highest possible level of contrast. L

Wrapping Up

aptop screens that have higher brightness values will obviously produce much better color quality so keep that in mind while you are looking over the different options that you have.

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