How Does The Squeezebot PC Transcription Software Work

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A touch screen or PC is an integrated unit of a display and an input device that works together. Typically, the touch panel is layered over an internal electronic display of some sort. While the unit is generally a touch screen, it can be an LCD or OLED screen. These are the more common types of touchscreens. The unit is laid over a substrate with holes in it.

The holes allow current to flow to the electronics from the keyboard and mouse. When a finger hits the surface, a current is sent along the nerve fibers in that area. This current activates the LED’s in the device so that it displays the images on the screen.

What Is The Touch Panel?

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A touch panel can have many different applications in a variety of situations. These are especially useful for new computer users, as they make entering text extremely fast and simple. They can also be used for inputting data into a computer system. They provide an excellent user interface with high visibility, even when multiple people are using the PC. They are a perfect tool for teaching computer users how to input complex commands into their computers.

PC Is Commonly Used For Gaming

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One of the more common uses for a PC is for gaming. Touchscreens can make this easier to do since they can track every motion made on the screen. This makes it possible to determine where someone is about the keyboard. This helps to eliminate the need for a mouse or other pointing device and makes gaming much more fun to play. Of course, this can be used for typing, as well.

Medical Transcription 

Another use for a PC is for medical transcription. Transcribers use a touchpad on their PC to capture all of the dictations that are typed out. The accuracy of this type of transcription depends on the transcriber’s ability to use their fingers to indicate each key on the keyboard. As a result, the PC has to constantly move and respond to every touch made by the user. The touch screen on the Squeezebot can help eliminate this issue, as the device is programmable to recognize each touch.


Scanners are another type of computer peripheral that many people don’t think of when they think about a touchpad. Medical scanners are one example of this type of computer device. These devices are used for cardiac stress testing and the detection of lung tumors. While these medical scanners don’t necessarily include a touch feature, they do incorporate touch screens. This makes it easy for the transcriptionist to operate the PC without having to use her hands.

Final Thoughts

When discussing the touch promptly with other users, one of the biggest gripes they have is that it is challenging to use for those users who are not well trained in using computers. However, the developers of the touch software recognized this problem and worked hard to make the device easy to use for any user. The software also includes an instructional video that walks users through operating the PC and entering and exiting information. Even those who have no experience operating a computer can easily figure out how to manage the touch promptly and will find it much easier to use than other computer peripherals. Because it is such an effective tool, there is little doubt that the touch software will become a big seller as it becomes more popular among users.

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