Facts About Millions of Personal Computers

personal computer

A personal computer is any multi-purpose personal computer that has the ability to perform multiple functions. It is made up of at least one main board and at least one external peripheral board with at least one input and output device. A personal computer has many special features that allow it to do more than just one function. In fact, personal computers can perform every function that an ordinary personal computer can. However, because it has so many functions, it is also very expensive.

Many personal computers have different operating systems. The most common operating systems are Microsoft Windows (OS), Macintosh Mac OS, Linux Red Hat Enterprise (LWER), Solaris SunOS, Motorola Windows Home Server (HDSS) operating system. There are other operating systems also available in the market like Novell Netware OpenVZ or kernels like kernels. These operating systems differ in their feature and capacity to run various applications.

Personal Computer

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One of the most used and widely used software applications is the Microsoft Window. It is the most popular application used for home computers. It is one of the most used software applications for all windows operating systems. Millions of people use it daily to accomplish daily tasks. Many personal computers come with an attached printer for printing documents. Another feature of personal computers is that they have the storage capacity to store the user’s personal data like photos, videos, music, and documents.

PCs have many hardware components apart from the RAM. They include the CPU, Hard Disk Space, Video Memory, Ramrollers, Integrated Cameras, Wireless LANs, Bluetooth Devices, Webcam, Email Contacts, USB Drives, etc. Most personal computers include CD ROMs, DVD ROMs, removable disks, etc. All these software applications are stored on the hard disk. There is a storage facility to hold the user’s data like photos, songs, documents, etc. that are built into the hard disk.

The estimated value of personal computers has reached a record high of $35.5 billion. This is due to a large number of users and increasing demands for PCs. The sales of PCs have increased by approximately 20% per year over the last few years. Research indicates that the penetration of PCs in the education, office, home, and retail sectors has increased tremendously over the last few years.

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As discussed above, there are many components present in a personal computer. These components together form the Personal Computer Operating System. This operating system is installed on the hard disk drive which is the storage facility for the Operating System. A Personal Computer Operating System consists of many components. It includes the Basic Operating System, the Database Management System, the Security Engine, the User Interface, the Desktop Environment, the Window Manager, the System Tools, the Fonts and Colors, the Help Programs, the Running Applications, the desktop components, and many more. The major components of the Personal Computer Operating System are the following:

The IBM PC is an example of the Personal Computer. It is based on the mainframe architecture of the IBM machine and the Personal Computer Operating System is the main software for the machine. The IBM PC is a personal computer that is easy to use with its memory capability of 1.6MB and its hard disk capacity of two gigabytes. Other factors like the speed, the memory, the hard disk drive, and the graphics enable the PC to operate.

Final Words

Hewlett Packard is one of the world’s most popular brands of personal computers. It is known for its quality and has been in this industry for more than fifty years. It has come a long way in the area of electronics and has created its own niche in the industry. There are many models of the HP pavilion and other models are also manufactured by Hewlett Packard. There are millions of personal computers produced by the brand and it is one of the leading brands.

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