Every Desktop Computer Buyer Should Know These Things About Best Desktop Computer 2020

best desktop computer 2020

While going for desktop purchases, people used to get confused. The market is full of resources and it becomes difficult for a non-technical person to settle for a particular best desktop computer 2020. Here we have compiled a desktop purchase guide for you. 

Desktop- Laptop- Notebook- Tablet

A desktop computer

Yes, these all digital devices have the same end results. Other devices are portable but you need to settle for a particular place in the case of a desktop computer. So it’s time to decide why you need a desktop computer. It gives you a professional look and you get more productive as you can not carry from one place to another. As compared to others, you do not need to bother about charging the desktop computers. Wanted to work, just switch on the power, press the start buttons and get to work. So there are multiple benefits of using a desktop computer.

Processor And RAM

A desktop computer

The whole working of a desktop computer depends on these two components. You may call them the body and soul of the desktop. The more advanced components, the more high performance is. Based on your usages, choose them. We suggest you pick a minimum core 2 duo range processor and a minimum of 16 GB RAM.

Hard Drive

Best desktop 2020 comes with a hard drive with a capacity ranging from 250 GB to 750GB and beyond. Here too you need to keep the data storage in your mind. Do not go for high storage as you can use the online storage facilities of google docs, Mega, media fire, dropbox, and others. 


Computer resolution depends on the inbuilt graphics card. Graphics cards from branded companies make your best desktop computer 2020 look more attractive. Go for a graphics card from AMD or NVIDIA.

Operating system 

The desktop computer comes loaded with the latest Microsoft windows. It also comes with operating systems like macOS and Linux. But Microsoft windows is ruling the world and we suggest you go for a desktop computer with Microsoft Windows operating system. Prefer to buy a desktop with Windows 10.

Pre Loaded Application Software

Desktop companies give access to pre-loaded software free of cost. Enquire about the same and then make a decision. Check the availability of anti-virus software and its validity on the desktop computer.


How can we forget to mention the Budget? It plays a central role in purchasing decisions. Every person has different requirements and spending capabilities. We suggest thinking and decide your minimal and maximum budget range for a computer.


Hopefully, next time when you will go to purchase the best desktop computer 2020, it will be easier for you to choose.

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