Earning Your Computer Security Certificate Online

computer security certificate

Getting a computer security certificate means that you are able to protect your computer from the most common types of threats that most people do not even think about. Computer security is designed to protect computers, networks, and information from damage, attack, and unauthorized entry. With an unwanted attack occurring almost every single day, you want to ensure that your security system is able to withstand even the biggest attacks. The threat may come from a hacker who has infiltrated your network or from someone who wants to use your computer resources for their own gain. Either way, it is important to understand how you can get a security certificate.

An Overview

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There are several primary topics covered in a computer security certificate. Two of these are addressing the prevention of malware attacks and preventing or removing malicious software programs. There are many ways that a hacker or malicious software program might attempt to penetrate your network. By learning about the different ways these threats can occur, you can put yourself in the best position to protect your system.

A good certification training course will discuss the prevention of malware attacks in depth. These attacks are typically done by viruses, phishing campaigns, keyloggers, spam, and other programs that seek to exploit your computer resources. You will learn how to detect these attacks, how to remove them from your system, and how to protect yourself should one occur. This particular aspect of cyber security training courses is often the hardest to master because it involves tracking down hackers and their activities.

Examine Well

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Another important part of a computer security training course is examining how attacks on networks that are common can be stopped. One of the most common cyber threats is a virus. These viruses make it possible for an attacker to send out fake emails, spam messages, pop-ups, and perform other functions. These attacks are commonly used against businesses. However, they can also be used against individual computers.

Many online courses offer an opportunity for those who want to get certified in cyber security courses to earn a Cyber Security Certificate. Some colleges and universities offer these courses and others require that students complete special certifications or diplomas. The Cyber Security Management Academy offers a two-credit course that is a prerequisite for students seeking a CISA certification.

Well Known Office

A separate certification known as the Cybersecurity Management Associate is offered through a separate office at the University of Maryland. Students who successfully complete this course can take a CISA test to qualify to take the test for a cyber security specialization. Those who earn the certificate can expect to start work in the field as early as July of their junior year. Work experience with companies specializing in digital protection is always beneficial and can further help to boost your credentials if you decide to go this route.

The Internet is constantly being exploited by cyber criminals. Passwords and access codes are being compromised. Networks are not properly protected and hackers are constantly looking for easy victims. To avoid being a victim, work with an IT professional who has earned the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification. This certification is earned after four years of coursework and comes from the International Computer Security Association (ICISA). To join the program, students must complete a comprehensive application and training schedule.


Completing a CISA certification course allows you to gain the practical skills you need to responsibly protect the computer network of any business. To get started, find a company that offers a good mixture of convenience and security and enroll in a course that includes an internship as an intern. The more you learn about implementing security measures at your workplace, the less likely you are to be targeted by cyber criminals. There are many options out there for those who are interested in learning about working in the cyber realm, but it can be helpful to get a solid education in this field through a micromasters program.

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