Desktop Computer Vs. Laptop Computer

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It’s a debate of the decade, whether to go a free option or to go with the performance? Computers and laptops are like two children of the same parent. What you can get in one you might be missing in the other one. And most of the time we choose the one which suits our pockets the most. But really what is the difference between the computer and the laptop. And which one should you be buying in 2020? Today we are going to show you a Desktop computer vs. a laptop computer. So put down your controller down and read this article carefully.

Desktop computer vs. Laptop computer
Desktop Computer Vs. Laptop Computer

Desktop Computer

Just from the name, you can see what it’s a computer for the deks. Meaning, you can’t take with you to the office or the coffee shop. The desktop computer was introduced first, in comparison to the laptops. They are bulky and but they get the job done with perfection. We have made a list of pros and cons for the desktop computer, which is written down below.


It’s easier to change the parts of your computer which are not working correctly.

Also, you can assemble the whole computer by yourself, you don’t need to call a technician for your help. It’s easy to fit all the parts in the CPU and connect the part via cables.

Likewise, computers are much more affordable than laptops.

If you want to get the maximum output from your components, you can overclock them in the desktop environment.

Lastly, all the components are hot swipe in case


You can’t take your computer with you everywhere you went, thus making it impossible for you to work on the go.

Desktop consumes more electricity than some of your air conditioners, depending on the components that are present in it.


Now coming to the laptop, they are portable and are quite small in comparison to the bulky Desktop. You might have seen students, office employees carrying the bag around, that’s because a laptop is in there. The laptop can help you with all your basic computing necessities. You want to make a video in 1080p, and you can make it on the go, you want to code while sipping an excellent coffee in the coffee house, well you can certainly do it. The laptop is the technology of the present while, and computers are things of the past. In addition to this, mobile GPUs and CPUs are getting powerful day by day. Competing to desktop-level performance with the benefit of mobility. What else do you need? We have defined some benefits of owning a laptop, which might clear your mind whether to buy it or not.

Pros Of Laptop Computer

First, all laptops can be easily carried with you. Meaning even if you are in the tube, you can still work on the assignment, which is due today.

Likewise, with the battery charge ranging from 4 hours to 12 and even 14 hours, you don’t need to carry a charger along with you all day.

You can buy a touch screen laptop and use its touch to work more efficiently.

Also, Laptops are lighter, compact, in comparison to Desktop, meaning you can take them with your LAN parties.

Mostly, laptops are silent, and they don’t have extra fans for cooling the GPU and CPU separately.

Desktop computer vs. Laptop computer
Desktop Computer Vs. Laptop Computer

Cons Of Laptop Computer

First and foremost, laptops are more expensive in comparison to desktops.

Besides that, if you are buying a laptop, you need to carefully choose which GPU and CPU it’s using, as they are not swappable.

Components that you can change from your laptop are expensive, like a DDR4 RAM of the computer will cost you more than a DDR 4 RAM of Desktop. Even though they have some memory and the running speed.

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