Clean Your Rose Gold Apple Computer At Home Equipment Free

rose gold apple computer

After you have bought a rose gold apple computer you might have noticed a guidebook on how to clean and take care of your rose gold apple computer at home. But people often tend to misplace them and once they are in need to clean the computer they are left with no clue at all. That’s why this article will come in handy for you. Because by the end of the article you will have a bunch of ideas how you can clean your computer at home.

Apple computers are all made of different types of materials. And every material needs a different kind of cleaning techniques. But as our main focus today is rose gold apple computer, we will be discussing how can clean them at your home and save the money of repairing center.

Here Is A Basic Guide Of How To Clean The Outside Of Your Rose Gold Apple Computer

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Use the softest piece of cloth you can find at your home to dust of all the dirt from your rose gold apple computer. You can replace the cloth with toilet paper or tissue paper. Do not rub the paper or the cloth too harshly on your computer as it may cause a scratch on the body. Most importantly plug the computer off and make sure it is off as well so that you don’t accidentally press any buttons.

Do not ever try to put any liquid products on your rose gold apple computer to clean it. Water or other liquids can severely damage your computer beyond your limit, so avoid it. Other than liquids don’t use any kind of moisture as well. It can clog different parts of your computer and cause extreme damage.

Some other ingredients you should never use directly on your rose gold apple computer are aerosol sprays, spray cleaners, detergents, deo, liquid dishwashers, or anything as such. All these things can harm your computer and also destroy the color of your computer. If any of these things get inside your laptop or rose gold apple computer you should immediately take it to a repairing store.

Process of Cleaning Your Apple Computer


We mentioned all the things above that you should use and should avoid when it is regarding the rose gold apple computer, now let’s discuss the process of how should you do it the right way. As mentioned earlier always use a thin cotton cloth or toilet paper to wipe the screen and exterior of your rose gold apple computer. If possible you can dampen the cloth with a water spray and then wipe with it for precise cleaning.

Focus On The Keyboard As Well

A piece of cloth or toilet paper might not be able to clean all the dirt off the keyboard of your rose gold apple computer. That’s why we will suggest you dust the dirt off your keyboard using a soft brush.


If you want to clean your rose gold apple computer without causing any harm to it, make sure to thoroughly follow everything that you read in this article.

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