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Apple Computer Charger

Is your Apple computer charger malfunctioning? Probably the cable has broken. Or, maybe it has merely reached the end of its life. Whatever be it, getting a replacement charger for your MacBook might turn out to be a major headache if you are planning on getting a working replacement instead of the original accessory from the company. I must admit, I have never faced a situation wherein my charger stopped working. Apple is known for making high-quality products, and till now, I have not been disappointed in that segment. However, at the same time, I am aware of many who face issues with their charger. It indeed becomes a major inconvenience, especially since the accessories don’t come cheap. It might just be an accident or sheer bad luck that your charger stopped working. Whatever be it, I have drawn up a list of replacement chargers that will not cost you a fortune! 

Apple Computer Charger Online
Apple Computer Charger Online

MacBook Pro Replacement 85W MagSafe 2 Power Adapter Magnetic T-Tip Charger

Anyone who uses the MacBook Pro with the T-Tip charger knows that you will end up with a frayed cable unless you are extremely careful while using (like I am). Apple does make better charger cables now, but back then, the design was just not perfect. However, this replacement charger is available at less than one-fourth of the original accessory’s price and will work perfectly well. There is no issue with the charging at all, and your Macbook will remain safe. You might find that the insulation is not adequate, and there will be interference if you are using wired earphones while charging. Besides that, this is an excellent product at an unbelievable price. 

This replacement charger is an 85W charger and has a smart design that allows the charging cable to be wound around the adapter. This prevents the line from fraying. There is an LED indicator to show charging status wherein amber means charging, and green means the charge is full. 

MacBook Air 45w T-Type Magsafe2 Replacement Charger

This MacBook Air 45W charger is a replacement charger available at an extremely low and affordable rate. This charger is compatible with both 11 inches and 13 inches MacBook Air. It comes with a magnetic DC connector that’s easy to connect and disconnect without causing any stress on the cable. LED light shows the charging status. The design is such that the cable can be wound around the charger adapter when not charging so that the cable does not get frayed. 

Vanfast USB-C Charger With 87W Power Delivery 3.0 Port

If you own a MacBook Pro 13″ or 15″ bought after 2016, or MacBook Air 2018, and your charger is out of commission, this can be a great cheap replacement. The charger works perfectly well with the MacBook models mentioned. And you will find no difference with the original ones while charging. One thing that impressed me is that the seller is willing to solve any issue within 24 hours. Now that’s something we all will want, especially when we are getting a replacement charger. 

Things To Remember When Getting Replacement Apple Computer Charger

Apple Computer Charger Replacement
Apple Computer Charger Replacement

You must always be a bit cautious when you are getting a replacement charger for your Mac unless you are getting it directly from Apple. There are known issues of compatibility, and not all replacement charger will work well. However, there are great ones available at a fraction of the original price. So, when getting a replacement charger, always check the seller and read reviews. While buying online, never buy from any unverified source. That way, you will be able to avoid most of the issues. And, don’t forget to check the return policy, in case your product does not work as expected. 

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