Apple Laptops – Why Are They More Affordable

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A common question that many Mac users have is what they should get when setting out to buy a new Mac laptop or desktop computer. One of the most popular brands when it comes to Apple computers is Apple. The Mac brand is very popular because it provides consumers with products that are well-built, durable, and that is packed full of innovative features. There are several different types of Apple computers that any consumer in search of a new machine should take a look at.

Drawback With Any Apple Product

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There is one major drawback with any Apple product, and that is that it is typically not certified pre-owned. This means that the computer has been used before by someone who purchased it new and it no longer meets Apple’s stringent standards. Most Apple desktop computers are set up with an Intel Core i5 chip and 8GB of RAM, but some lower-end models might be a bit closer to the minimum 8GB. Prices for lower-end computers range from around $299 all the way up to as much as $1499. One benefit that many buyers enjoy with a Certified Pre-Owned Mac computer is that many people who purchase them will repair or replace any defects in the machine immediately, instead of waiting for the product to reach them. Because these machines are so popular, Apple will usually make available a minimum of one year of extended support on their products, meaning that consumers can have their machines running at peak performance for two years straight.

Apple Certified Refurbished Product.

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Apple also offers a third option known as an Apple Certified Refurbished Product. An imac computer is usually a slightly more expensive machine because it is generally more complex than an iMac. An imac computer generally has a more powerful processor, faster RAM, and larger hard drive than the average iMac.

The great thing about refurbished computers is that they’re still just as good as new. There are only a few slight differences between refurbished models and regular retail versions. Usually the only difference is that the refurbished machine comes with a warranty. Refurbished machines will come with a generic Microsoft Windows DVD installed, which means that basic operating system software will work. Apple Certified Refurbished Macs will not however come with the same security protection and features that a normal refurbished model would have. Some of the most common warranty concerns include limited product support and limited customer service.

Number Of Popular Laptop Computers

Apple makes a number of popular laptop computers. The MacBook is probably the most well-known, but the MacBook Air and the iPad also offer great performance and a lot of features for a great price. When it comes to laptops, Apple certainly holds its own. The cheapest laptops are generally the least powerful, but the company does make a number of high-end laptop models.


Apple laptops can be used anywhere a full-sized desktop computer can be used. With a wireless notebook, you can take it with you on vacation and still access important business information. If you regularly use your laptop in your business environment, or at home, you can find that an Apple laptop is considerably more affordable than purchasing a full-sized desktop computer. If you need an Apple notebook, all you need to do is ensure that you buy it from a reputable seller.

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