Apple iOS 14: iOS New Features You Need To Know

Apple iOS 14: iOS New Features You Need To Know

In the new WWDC 2020 keynote, Apple has revealed that it is bringing a new advanced update iOS 14 for your iPhones and iPads. Although the update isn’t released yet, we do know some of the important details regarding the new features that come with the new update.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the top four Apple iOS 14 features that Apple has announced and what it will change.

So, let’s dive in…

App Library: Apple iOS 14 Features

Apple iOS 14: iOS New Features You Need To Know
Apple iOS 14: iOS New Features You Need To Know

How many times did you feel absolutely annoyed when you’re desperately looking for a certain app but it’s not on your home screen? There is no doubt that it’s irritating to go to the app menu and finding the correct app. And it seems Apple hear you too. That’s why this version is going to completely eliminate the app menu and home screen thing.

What you’ll get instead is the App library. In this mode, all the important apps that you frequently use will be featured in one place. This way, you can say goodbye to keeping your important app’s icon on the home screen.

Widgets: Apple iOS 14 Features

Widgets on your home screen can surely make life a lot easier. But unfortunately, iPhones have no widgets option on the home screen.

Thanks to the latest Apple iOS 14 update, now you can have widgets right on your home screen. And what’s more? These new home screen widgets are going to display more data at once than the previous ones.

Moreover, the other home screen apps will stay aside to make more room for your widgets to appear as default. However, you can always choose the right widget size from the widget gallery and keep things tidy.

App Clips

Apple iOS 14: iOS New Features You Need To Know
Apple iOS 14: iOS New Features You Need To Know

Did you ever feel the need to use an app that is not your phone but you don’t really wanna download it? Yeah, it happened to us too. And we understand your pain. It’s really annoying to download any app to use it just once and then deleting it.

So, is there any viable solution to this problem?

Well, Apple has come to your rescue again. With the new iOS 14, Apple introducing a new feature, App Clips. This feature will let you use any app from the App Store without having to download it. You can now launch any app with a single tap and use it.

Voice Memos

If you are an iPhone user that you already know how amazing the voice memos is. And with the new iOS 14 update, Apple is going to update this app too. One of the biggest features of the newly updated app Enhanced Voice Recording, according to Apple.

One of the biggest features of this new EVR mode is advanced noise cancellation. According to Apple, just with a single tap, now you can drastically reduce the background noise of the recording. Moreover, it also has additional qualities such as room reverberation. Apple is yet to reveal the details of how this works. However, Apple claims this feature will make your life a lot easier.

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