Apple Computer Repairs And Other Tricks You Should Know - Apple Computer Repairs And Other Tricks You Should Know -

Apple Computer Repairs And Other Tricks You Should Know

Apple Computer Repairs

When there is troubleshooting, you can try to solve it in these simplest ways, and these ways have successfully solved 90% of Mac issues. You can solve many Mac issues such as poor performance; the system doesn’t boot up or takes a lot of time to boot, shrink, etc. If you have issues as mentioned above, you should be checking out these tricks that might come in handy while working with your MacBook.

Tricks To Repair Apple Computer

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Having a Mac, and is it not working properly? Here are some simple tricks which you can try before taking it to the apple store.

1. Desktop system (Mac Pro and Mac Pro)

Disconnect the power cord then wait for 15 to 20 seconds then reconnect the power cord then wait for 5 seconds and then start your Mac again.

2. Laptops with non-removable batteries (newer Mac system)

Plug the system to the power supply and then press and hold shift + option + control and then press the power button (it also provides you an assistant) hold for a few seconds and then release the buttons and start Mac normally.

3. Apple computer with removable battery supply

Disconnect the power supply and remove the battery then press and hold the power button for a few seconds and then refit the battery and then start the Mac.

More Tips To Follow

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4. Reset SMC (System Management Controller)

It is always recommended to reset the SMC and NVRAM/PRAM.

To reset the NVRAM/PRAM you need to hold down command + option + P + R while powering on the mac. Hold it till you hear your Mac emit the “Wallet start-up chime” and keep holding till you hear for the second time but in Mac pro, there is no start-up sound, so you need to hold it until the apple logo appears and disappears for the second time. If you have a firmware password then disable it first. If you are finding a problem to do it or it doesn’t work then you can disconnect all the USB devices and if you are using a headless keyboard then you need to connect a wired keyboard and till you finish resetting it and then you can switch back to a wireless keyboard.

5. Run Disk Utility

If your system didn’t boot, it may be a disk issue, some data damage which can be fixed but sometimes it can be a serious issue. Hold down Command + R at the time of booking your Mac and for the older system. You need to remove the disk and then connect it in an optical drive and then reboot your apple computer while holding C. From the start-up screen, select disk utility, select the hard drive, and then choose to verify and then allow it to run. If a problem is detected choose a repair disk and if not then select repair permission and now try rebooting the system again.


With these Apple computer tricks, any of your particular issues with Mac can be resolved in no money and very easily.

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