Apple Computer Operating Systems – The Benefits For The Average Joe

apple computer operating system

Apple has long held the monopoly on the personal computer market, until a new innovation called Windows hit the market and changed the personal computing landscape forever. Windows came out first, with its revolutionary graphical user interface, which made it easy to operate and spread information on the Internet. Then Windows took over the personal computer market, with its innovative and affordable operating system, known as Windows ME, which is still in use today. Windows’ primary competitor, a relatively new operating system called Vista, came out just a few months later and quickly became a standard against which all other Microsoft products were measured.

Personal Computer Market

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Now, though, it appears that Microsoft may be losing its foothold on the personal computer market. Apple is poised to be the next big thing in computing, having recently announced that it will be releasing its own iBook line interface, designed specifically for the Mac. Apple has long held the monopoly on the Mac, having designed the sole iBook product in its brand since the introduction of the personal computer, in January of 1996. With this latest move, Apple is set to change that. In recent years, IBM has released its own line interface for its machines, while Microsoft has also designed its own interface for its other machines.

Use Of Hardware

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The main difference between these two computer operating systems is the use of hardware. Whereas Microsoft’s bestsellers are based on the principle of software, on a hardware basis, Apple uses the hardware principle for the majority of its products. Apple’s famous hardware, such as the Mac, iPod, and iPhone, have become industry standards in terms of the design and usability. Vista, on the other hand, is an operating system used on Microsoft Windows based machines. In many ways, then, Apple is leading the way in terms of innovation and style in personal computer hardware.

Role Of iBook

This leads one to wonder why Apple would release an iBook in comparison with other manufacturers when it can develop its own iBooks and sell them directly to consumers. In this regard, the answer lies in Apple’s vision of dominating the PC market. The Mac was not meant to be a mere competitor; rather, it was meant to be the leading PC for people who wanted a real computer experience but without the high costs associated with them. Apple’s primary strategy has been to take the user experience beyond the Windows environment in order to provide an alternative for those who prefer using the Mac but cannot afford the Windows machine. Hence, in addition to its famed hardware, the Apple computer operating systems used by the company are meant to be user friendly and attractive as well.

Bottom Line

Apple’s Mac OS is also unique in the fact that it is available for free. Unlike many commercial operating systems that require users to purchase certain pieces of software, the Mac OS does not require users to spend any money in order to download or purchase the necessary software. This allows people with lower budgets, the ability to use the machine without having to worry about breaking the bank. One of the reasons why Apple’s Mac OS remains so popular despite being available at no cost is because it has been designed to match the needs and expectations of the average user. Unlike other commercial operating systems that have been designed to target specific types of users, Apple’s system is adaptable to all types of users and uses the basic principles of the Internet and computer technology to provide users with a computing environment that is simple, yet effective.

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