Apple Computer Logo And Other Details You Should Know About The Tech Giant

apple computer logo

Probably one of the easiest to recognize logos is the Apple computer logo. The market value that the tech giant holds is hard to compete with. Apple was founded in 1980; however, it was the only e after the 1997 ‘think different’ campaign that the brand started its uphill journey off of success and popularity. Everyone would like to know to play history and evolution of a brand that has come to the stage where in one takes look at the logo and find out the brand name. Let us read more about the the most popular Technology brand – Apple and how it has become one of the most preferred brands around the world.

Story Behind The Apple Computer Logo

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Initially, the apple computer logo was of Newton sitting under the apple tree. It attempted to capture the euphoria moment. The moment of realization, change, and innovation. Later after a few changes, the current ‘Apple with a bite’ logo was finalized. A lot of people believe that the logo has a bite due to its Biblical meaning. Steve Jobs made it clear that there was no Biblical intention as such. The bite was added simply so that the logo doesn’t resemble a cherry.

What Made Apple Strong

A laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden surface

Not doing the very best from the beginning. After Steve Jobs returned to the company in 1990 and the ‘think different’ campaign of 1997, things changed for good. The campaign pretty much emphasized that people who own an Apple product are different in an elite way. Apple’s whole marketing strategy is based on the fact that Apple is not something that everybody can own. Therefore, even though the products are of great quality and extremely innovative, the marketing strategy took the apple computer logo value to the place that it has reached today.

Moreover, Apple knows how to grab on to consumers. It has an extremely loyal customer base. The idea of the rich and classy people owning Apple products was continuously preached, making people want to buy the products more. However, the fact that Apple makes great quality and highly advanced products cannot be ignored.

The Impact of The Apple Computer Logo

The extremely simple Apple computer logo has a powerful impact on the market. Besides being an easily recognized logo, it is also a logo that many people want to be a part of. Apple has created a community, and people aspire to be a part of it by owning Apple products. It is about the pride in holding an Apple product, then about quality and convinces. It has become more of a status thing. It pretty much boosts self-confidence and somehow makes a person feel good.


The value of the Apple computer logo is extremely evident in the market. Apple is indeed the lead tech giant. It is continuing to grow due to its strong customer base. Even though not everybody owns an Apple, everybody would want to own an Apple. And those who already own the products are extremely loyal to the brand. This is what increases the value of the Apple computer logo.

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