An Easy Guide To Change An Apple Computer Battery

apple computer battery

It is common for most Apple computer users to have problems with their laptops and computers’ batteries when the operating system is upgraded. The old installation may cause the old battery to not work properly. If you want to prolong your laptop’s operation time, you should be able to replace the old battery with a new one. You can do this by following the steps below. However, before starting, you should turn off the power. This is to avoid any accidents that can happen when plugging and unplugging the AC adapter.

Turn Off Your Ac Adapter

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The first thing you need to do is to turn off your AC adapter. In some cases, your apple computer battery might not automatically shut down. For this, you should click the Start button on your desktop and type “Accessories”. You will see several items, including the AC adapter. Then, click on the outlet that is labeled “external”. If the battery has trouble staying in the battery tray, you need to replace it.

For this step, you should turn your AC adapter on. When the Light Emitting Diode or LED starts to flash, you should stop the connection. After the connection is turned off, it indicates that the battery is ready to be replaced. Note that replacing the battery takes more than normal operation time.

Unscrew The Screws On The Ac Adapter

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The second step you should follow is to unscrew the screws on the AC adapter. After this, you can remove the battery from its housing. Then, you should locate the screw driver that you need. To ensure the safety of your apple computer battery, you should use the same safety precautions as you do when you are replacing the battery of your laptop or computer.

The third step is to find the right replacement battery. Note that many computer accessories or laptops come with AC adaptor and replaceable batteries. However, some older batteries may not be compatible with older computers. In this case, you need to purchase the correct type of batteries that you need for your computer. Note that there are lots of options when it comes to the replacement of the AC adapter and replaceable batteries in your laptop.

Install The Battery Tray

The fourth step is to install the battery tray. This part is also called theaptop battery tray. It is located under the laptop’s keyboard. You need to unscrew it first before replacing the battery into your computer.

The fifth step is to plug the replacement battery into the AC adapter. Note that different brands of AC adapter come with different types of battery tray to support the operation of the AC adapter. After this, you need to turn the computer on. After the computer starts to operate, you need to confirm whether your battery is functioning properly or not. If your battery works properly, you can simply replace it into your computer and reboot it.

Remove The Battery From The Ac Adapter

The sixth step is to remove the battery from the AC adapter. Note that you need to make sure that the cord is out of your way when you do this process. After this, you can reconnect the AC power cord to the laptop. Turn your AC adapter back on and you can now power up your computer.

The seventh step is to locate the positive and negative terminals of the AC cord. Hold them out in front of you and then touch the terminal on the left with your finger. You have to make sure that the tab slips in between the screw. When you touch the tabs, you should find the tab locked. The key to unlock the lock is your fingerprint.

Last Words

If your battery is still in good condition, you can repeat all these steps again. You should also ensure that your computer has enough power to run the battery. If you are getting an error message that says the power is insufficient, you have to connect a different AC adapter instead of the one you are using. For the last step, you can replace the battery in your iPhone. This will help your phone to charge properly.

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