All You Need To Know About Apple Logo – History And Meaning

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Apple is one of the top consumer electronic manufacturers in the world. And the products it includes are computers and mobiles followed by software and facilities for online services. And you may have seen people talking about the famous apple logo. There are many things people talk about, such as who designed this logo? What is the reason behind its evolution? What is the meaning and history of the apple logo?. Now, the information in this article can give you answers to all these questions, including all you need to know about the iconic Apple logo. Get more details.

Know Who Has Designed The Famous Apple Logo


Rob Janoff, a graphic designer well known for corporate logos and identities, has designed the current apple logo. However, the author of the logo’s concept is Steve Jobs. And the original apple logo was created by Ronal Wayne and Steve Jobs.

Meaning And History Of Apple Logo

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After one year of its establishment, Apple launched its iconic Apple logo, and it has not changed since then. And this way, Apple has set an example of brilliant branding in marketing history, which proves that everything does not have to follow the trends, but the logos set them.


Being a large company, Apple also started with the trial logo version placed on their first computer. This logo was an elegant badge surrounded by a smooth ribbon at which “Apple Computer Co” lettering was there. Brand carried out the inscription on the ribbon in a bold serif typeface to make its capital letters look split yet sophisticated. And the badge depicted a detailed image of Isaac Newton holding a book in his hands and sitting under the apple tree.


In 1977, Ron Janoff designed the iconic Apple logo, a perfectly balanced and clean image with a horizontal rainbow pattern. This logo represents diversity, knowledge, inspiration, and creativity hence remained untouched till today and has become one of the most recognizable visual recognition in history. The rainbow color palette of the apple logo stayed until 1998.

1998 – Today

The company decided to renew the apple logo in 1998, and then the monochrome twin replaced the rainbow version. The brand used this black bitten apple for several years, but it became official after Apple released the iMac. The black icon on the white background is a sign of technology and style, a synonym for excellence and quality. 

Apple Logo Meaning

The bite on the apple in the brand’s logo shows a distinction of apple from cherry or other fruits. Indeed, the idea tells you back to Adam and Eve, who have taken a bite from the apple of knowledge. Thus, it represents the human thirst for knowledge, and apple products would help you get the knowledge.


As you have read, there were many reasons behind the evolution of the iconic Apple logo. And indeed, it has a unique identification of itself among people.

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