All In One PC – The Pros And Cons

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The world of technology has made great strides in recent years, and computers have played the biggest role in it. The first-ever computer was so big that it occupied an entire room. But over the years, the form factor of computer has drastically changed and now you get an all in one PC in the market that is small and occupies less space.

If you are in the market to get an all in one PC (AIO) for yourself, this article is just for you, as today we are going to walk you through all the pros and cons of an all in one PC. But before we talk about the pros and cons, we should know what an AIO is. Read on to know more.

All In One PC – What Is It?

All In One PC – Pros And Cons
All In One PC – Pros And Cons

All-in-one PC is an integrated device that houses all the components of a typical computer in a single casing.

Typically in most of the AIO PCs, the components are housed in the monitor because you can remove all the parts from a computer but not a monitor because that is where you can see all the output.

Now, let us talk about the pros and cons of an AIO PC and see if you should put your money into buying such a computer.

Pros – Occupies Less Space

The main reason that AIOs are gaining popularity is that it occupies less space as compared to other normal computers.

A typical computer consists of a central processing unit, a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse. Naturally, when you have so many components, it requires a lot of space to be kept. But in case of an AIO, all the components are housed within the monitor that eliminates the need for more space.


Since it does not have so many components, it also weighs less. You can easily lift it using just one hand and install it wherever you want. So it is certainly an advantage that can help you make a decision.

All In One PC – Larger Screens

As compared to laptops, AIOs have larger screens. Bigger screen means that you can have a greater viewing experience watching your favorite videos. Apart from that, you can also work more efficiently as you can see more content at once, on a larger screen.

All In One PC Cons – Low Performance

All In One PC – Pros And Cons
All In One PC – Pros And Cons

AIOs are good, no doubt about it. But as compared to regular laptops and computers, they have inferior performance. One of the reasons for this is the form factor as well. Due to the compact form, it cannot boast of a proper cooling system.

Difficult To Repair

Due to the construction of the system, it becomes difficult to repair all in one computer. In case of regular desktop computer, you can get the CPU repaired and the whole computer will start working like a charm again.

in case of all in one PCs, the CPU is integrated into the monitor. Because of that, you need to open the monitor and it becomes more complex to repair these computers.


Like everything else in the world, even AIOs have their pros and cons. By now, you might have understood where you win and where you might need to compromise if you own an AIO computer.

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