4 Computer Security Keys To Safeguard Your Personal Data

Computer Security Keys

Computer security keys, commonly known as USB security keys, help log you into computers and protect your p email, browser history, and more, with an extra layer of security that’s innately hard to hack. Protecting your data can involve both digital and physical tools. Security keys are a useful, even necessary, tool for people and organizations at every level. Security keys utilize FIDO’s Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) protocol to prevent people from accidentally falling victim to a phishing attack. Following is the list of most efficient Computer security keys.

Benefits Of Computer Security keys

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They are compact and portable. You can keep these in your wallet or attached to your key ring for easy access.

Computer security keys are easy to use, just plug in and hit a button.

It Improves the validity of a user’s identity.

Best Computer Security Keys

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YubiKey 5 And NFC Series

It functions well with both USB-A and USB-C ports and Near Field Communication. This computer security key is free from the hassle of plugging. You need to just tap the key on the right devices to activate the authentication. Unlike standard computer security keys, It works incredibly well with both iOS and Android mobiles also.

It also supports many authentication protocols beyond the common FIDO (U2F) and FIDO2/WebAuth and Smart Cards and OTP. This computer security ley is best for those who require to manage hundreds of services with a single key or want to secure individual browsers and operating systems.

Thetis Fido U2F Security Key

If you want to go for a highly-affordable and reliable computer security key, this is the option. Thetis Fido U2F security key goes well with all FIDO U2F compatible data that includes Chrome browsers, macOS, and Linux. It has services like Dropbox, Salesforce, and Facebook; and mobile devices with Bluetooth Low Energy. The only disadvantage is incompatibility with emails. The computer security key has a fantastic design and is made with aluminum alloy with a flip-around system.

Google Titan Security Key

Developers released the computer security key from google in 2018. The best one is the Bluetooth/NFC/USB-A model that has numerous options for connecting. There are multiple models and versions of this computer security key depending on budget and desired features, including Google’s most robust security measures: the Advanced Protection Program(APP). Google Titan security key gives PC and Mac access. These also work well with iOS and Android smartphones and any Google phones, tablets, and anything running APP or Google Chrome.

CryptoTrust OnlyKey

Unlike most computer security keys, CryptoTrust OnlyKey has a whopping six buttons like a security blanket, giving you more preferences and steps to control your security system. It provides steadfast safety with multiple and varying password mechanisms. This computer security key’s best feature is that you can save up to 24 passwords, URLs, user names, and OTP accounts. It supports multiple authentication protocols like FIDO2 and Yubikey OTP2.


A good password manager is undoubtedly the first step to online security but not only a step. Using Computer security keys for physical security keys is the safest way to protect all your data. The Computer security keys are most commonly used as a secondary requirement for login, though they sometimes serve as the sole requirement. The coolest feature about these computer security keys is that they won’t be fooled by scam websites pretending to be legitimate companies.

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