4 Best Computers For Incredible Desktop Computer Gaming Experience

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The gaming craze is over the minds of today’s youth. The Internet has added more to the gaming level. Everyone wants to win the battles, and games help online. But these high-class games can’t be played on simple computers. They don’t only need high-speed computers with more RAM and storage but also the best processors and high-resolution graphic cards. Moreover, normal computers get heated up soon while playing games, so gaming computers now come with liquid cooling technology to keep them cool. 

List Of Latest Desktop Computer Gaming

Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R10

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The Alienware Aurora desktop computer gaming has won the market with solid campaigning for its product. It is a powerful computer, thus suits best when it comes to gaming. Being affordable and stunning style is the biggest reason to buy it. With a resolution of 8K, this next-generation configuration with RTX 3090 touts its stability while playing games. Its TiRAM of 8 to 64 GB DDR4 accounts for the fast processing. It features Radeon RX 5600- NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics along with storage of about 1TB to 2 TB SATA.

HP Omen Obelisk

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HP Omen Obelisk is best for the hardcore gamers who want to have an uninterrupted desktop computer gaming experience. Its Intel Core i5- 8400- i5- 9600k CPU with Nvidia GeForce RTX w080 Ti graphics just amaze one. It is easy to upgrade and has an appealing and tool-less design. It offers 64 GB RAM and 1 TB HDD storage. This gaming computer, unfortunately, is quite expensive, so budget-minded buyers don’t go for it. 

Corsair One A100

The Corsair One a100 is considered the first desktop computer gaming choice of many. It features AMD Ryzen 9 3900X – 3950 X CPU with 500 GB NVMe SSD storage. It provides extra storage of 2TB HDD – 1 TB NVMe SSD. Its tiny compact structure needs less space to keep it and makes it look cool. One must not underestimate its power when looking at its small size. It is a highly powerful gaming computer. Though it is expensive, trust me, it is worth it.

MSI Trident 3 10th

MSI Trident e 10th is one of the smallest (of the size of a laptop) computers and an affordable gaming desktop computer. Its high technology internals like 10th Gen Intel Core and MSI GeForce RTX 2060 is packed into its tiny chassis. Packing internals like the legendary AMD Ryzen 9 3950X and Nvidia’s unbeatable RTX 2080 Ti into a tiny chassis. It features the Ram up to 64 GB DDR4 along with one × M.2 SSD storage. 


One can’t play high-tech games that need high RAM on normal computers. Desktop computer gaming needs resolution graphics and a high-speed uninterrupted network. The above-listed desktop computers are the choice of many gamers. 

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